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Persistence in Prayer

Walter J. Quinn, OSA
Priest Associate, Priests for Life

October 18, 1998

 29th Sunday Yr    

 LK 18:1-5                                                                                                           


Lincolnville, Nova Scotia, Canada          

MANY TIMES the difference between Success or Failure...lies in our ability to persevere.  Perseverance is the Key to Success in almost all situations.  As young children we had to learn to persevere. Parents had to teach their children to persevere in School, Sports, Hobbies...& to be a success. Adults have to build relationships, business careers, & Family Stability.

OFTEN.... it is difficult not to give up.  Sometimes our efforts seem to be in Vain. Nothing works out right! Failures seem to multiply.  We are tempted to give up trying again.      It is at this point we have to get Strength.....Internally, Mentally & Spiritually. 

AS CHRISTIANS we profess to follow Christ.  Christianity DEMANDS and REQUIRES...Perseverance.  All this is a daily struggle.  But, there is one factor, one item, that characterizes the Christian.  It is HOW we get our Strength....& we do so through Mass, Prayer & the Sacraments.  The Catholic Church also teaches that the Sacraments are.....”the Chief Channels of Divine Grace”.  Grace can come to us through many sources or channels.....but the SACRAMENTS are the CHIEF Channels.

SACRAMENTS.   NOTE: The Catholic Church has always taught...& still teaches that there are SEVEN (7)....(no More, No Less)....Baptism, Confirmation, Penance, Holy Eucharist, Anointing of the Sick (Ext--reme Unction), Holy Orders & Matrimony.  NOTE:  CCC= “Catechism of the Catholic Church”....which is the OFFICIAL TEACHING of the Catholic Church.

COMMENTS:  Mass, Prayer & the Holy Eucharist are our LINKS with God. They are our “Communion... with God” from Whom we draw ALL our strength. Christ did say 1 COR 10:13....”with every Temptation I will give you a way out of it.”  AND....”Without Me, you can do Nothing.” 

THE MASS (CCC 1367) the ” UNBLOODY” SACRIFICE of CHRIST on the which the Bread & Wine are Consecrated...& become the Body & Blood, Soul & Divinity of Christ Himself.......Really & Truly & Substantially present..... under the APPEARANCES of Bread & Wine.   After the Consecration we speak of the “Body & Blood of XP”...NOT “the Bread & Wine”.

PRAYER: Prayer is like a WELL. We are Always Thirsty.  It is We Thirsty Ones who need to MAKE the Time & Effort to...GO TO the Well to be...Refreshed & Filled Up with LOVE for God.  We simply cannot do this........if we only go to the Well once or a few times a Year.  NO....we need the Fresh Water of Hope, Peace & Strength of Mind & Will...that only the Wellspring of Daily Persevering Prayer can give.

TO BE A PERSON of DAILY Persevering Prayer...requires Perseverance. It is so easy to give up when things don’t go right...& God doesn’t seem to hear our Prayers.    To show that God....DOES HEAR our Prayers Christ tells the the Story of the Persistent Woman....(LK 18:1-5)...who insists on her Rights from a Corrupt teach all of us a LESSON!

IF A CORRUPT in to someone’s Persistence how.... much more will a Loving God...answer the persistent Prayers of  His Sons & Daughters.....ALL OF WHOM He Loves Dearly....& FOR whom He died on the Cross!

PAGE TWO     #29  Persistance in Prayer   LK 18:1-5

TOO MANY in our Modern Day Society of......Fast Food....& Instant Service.....& Replay want answers NOW....not Later....nor Tomorrow.....not even when they’re talking to GOD!      BUT...God doesn’t work in the same time frame as we Humans.  God works in His own good time.  Another Point:  We have to learn to say YES to God’s NO!......because NO IS AN ANSWER!   God also may Delay or Postpone an answer......just to make us come closer to Him in Prayer.

PROBABLY ONE of the Greatest Examples of Perseverance in Prayer..... is our own Augustinian Order’s ST. MONICA,.... the Mother of St. Augustine +430 AD, a Doctor of the Church, also known as the Doctor of Grace. St. Monica prayed for the Conversion of her wayward son.    He not only turned away from a sinful life, but eventually became a great Leader, Author, Founder, Philosopher & Theologian....& a great Saint of the Church!

It would have been easy for Monica to quit....but she didn’t.       GOD DID LISTEN to her Prayers....& HE DID REWARD HER for her persevering Prayers.  ALWAYS REMBER THIS!

                                                         ALWAYS PRAY.....PRAY DAILY....

                                  PERSEVERE IN PRAYER...AND.....NEVER....NEVER GIVE UP!

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