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Pontian, Hippolytus, & Suffering

Fr. Walter J. Quinn, OSA
Priest Associate, Priests for Life

August 13, 1979

Genesis,  MK 8:34-36    LK: 9-22

PONTIAN was a Pope 230-235 AD..& also a Martyr.  HIPPOLYTUS was a Priest of the Church of Rome;  ....he was also the first Anti Pope who converted...& died a Martyr 230 AD.  There is so much suffering in this world of ours...that one might conclude that Suffering must have some kind of value.  Spiritual writers from earliest times calls this......the “DOCTRINE OF THE CROSS”.   

WE FIND THIS DOCTRINE in MK 8:34ff...&....throughout the Scriptures countless times & places in both the OLD & NEW Testaments.  THE BOOK OF GENESIS is filled with citations of sufferings....of all kinds & descriptions.   LET’S LIST SOME OF THEM.

MANKIND IS DEFILED by many sins.   I read somewhere that mankind is...”Trapped with Passion...Afflicted with Fears, Cares, Disease & Illness....Distracted by Curiosities....Entangled by Vanities ....often Enmeshed  in Errors, Confusion & Uncertainties.....Tried & Troubled by  Temptation............Burdened by Physical Labors & Tormented by Want.”

BUT WE HUMANS can follow the Good Example of the SAINTS.   We also should try to offer up these IILLS OF LIFE to the GOOD GOD....Who is ALL WISDOM...& WHO really DOES KNOW what He is doing! We also know that we cannot be FULLY Happy...& WORRY Free here on Earth!    WHY?

THE ANSWER to this WHY & HOW is:   The Human Soul was created.....BY God.... & FOR God!

ACTS 17:25“In Him we live, move & have our very being.”  COL 1: 15-17...”Christ is the image of the Invisible God.”   “In Him were created  all things in the Heavens...and on Earth, things Visible & Invisible.”   “All things have been created through...& unto Him...and in Him all things hold together.”

THE HUMAN SOUL with all its faculties was CREATED BY GOD to be with Him forever in Heaven.  Our Minds were made to seek Truth...& our Wills were made to SEEK the GOOD.   ONLY GOD is ALL TRUTH .....& ALL GOOD.   Therefor,.....the more we SEEK & are DRAWN CLOSER to God...the HAPPIER we become!

CONSIDERING all of the above...this is WHY Christ said....John 14:6...”I am the WAY,  the TRUTH....& .....the LIFE.”.....The WAY to Heaven, TRUTH for our Minds...and the LIFE OF GRACE for our SOULS!

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