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No More Than Our Duty

Fr. Walter Quinn, OSA
Priest Associate, Priests for Life

October 01, 2015

LK  17:17-10

IN TODAY’S GOSPEL, Our Lord speaks of Servants & Service.  One Title of honor for  the Pope is...”Servant of the Servants of God”.   Whether we like it or not...we will always be subject to Something....and Someone.

IF WE CHOOSE to SERVE What or Who is ABOVE us...or we THINK is above us...thereby in turn serve GOD...then our Service & really done in FREEDOM.  WHY?,  because ORDER then comes into Life and with Order there comes a certain amount of Peace and Happiness.

ST THOMAS AQUINAS defined Peace as “ the “Tranquility of Order.” The OPPOSITE is also True. If we serve What or Who is Beneath us, or we THINK is beneath us then our Service is NOT done in Freedom, but rather is performed in Servitude or in use another word.

AND SO IF WE ALWAYS strive to Serve....or Pick our Goals in Life such as: Wealth, Fame, Glamour, Fortune, Pleasure, more Material Goods, then our Life becomes a kind of Slavery, or Frustration that is... Momentary Pleasures followed by  Discontent and Unhappiness.

TODAY FOR INSTANCE we might ask a Child what a Bicycle, a Wagon, or a Pencil is For & the Child will answer correctly. But ask the Child what He or She is for & many will reply ...”I DON’T KNOW!

ALL THINGS, all Creatures, all Adults & all Children are Created BY God & FOR God. One of the very first Questions in the Old Baltimore Catechism which was used in every Elementary School and CCD classes was..”WHY did God did God make you?”

EVERY CHILD REPLIED...”God made me to know, honor, Love, and serve Him in this Life so that I may be happy with Him forever in the next.”,.......came back the MEMORIZED answer!

AND SO WE SERVE God by properly Worshipping Him at True & Proper Keeping ALL of God’s Commandments & Church (Not just SOME or MOST of them...but ALL of themWHY?...because no individual has the Right or Option to Pick and Choose which ones to Accept or Reject.

THIS IS HOW we give God THE BEST of ourselves...our BEST SERVICE!  When we try  to do this we give HONOR & GLORY to God. When we do this a sense of PEACE & HAPPINESS comes into our heart!

EVEN WHEN WE DO THIS much Our Lord tells us.....we are still doing no more than Our Duty!  This is WHY  we were Created by know, Honor, Love, and Serve that we can be happy with Him in Heaven.  Just Imagine....God tells us we have a DUTY to know, honor, love & serve that we can be happy  with Him in Heaven.

THERE ARE PEOPLE who will NOT Serve God unless they HAVE TO....or MUST DO so under a sense of Obligation.  There are many people who attend Mass only out of a sense of duty.  Of course, this effort still has some measure of Love...but not much!  That’s Why Our Lord said...”How I wish their FAITH were aflame”....for God desires more than Service given....just out of a Sense of Duty!

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