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All Things Will Pass Away

Walter J. Quinn, OSA
Priest Associate, Priests for Life

November 01, 1998

34th Week of Year      

LK 21:25    LK 21:31ff     MT 19:17

8:30 am

SAM = St Augustine Monastery, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

ALMIGHTY GOD THE FATHER speaks to us, His Children, through Divine Revelation, through the Scriptures...both Old & New Testaments, through His Teaching Church...& especially through His VICAR reigning on Earth, now Pope Francis, whom He has chosen through the Holy a Cardinal only Teach, Rule & Sanctify...all of His Children...........into whom He has Breathed the Precious Gift of Life.

IN TODAY’S GOSPEL Our Lord tells us about ALL THE SIGNS that shall appear before the END of the World...signifying that the END is near!  LK 21:33 “ Heaven & Earth will pass away........but My Words shall not pass away.”  This Earth...& all things in it are even now passing away with TIME.......& with each Rise & each Sunset.

AND SO......all this Information would seem to Impel everyone TO PREPARE one’s self for the END TIMES...& our Entrance into Paradise. MT 19:17 tells us briefly that the LOVE of God...& the KEEPING of the Commandments...will win for us the Kingdom of Heaven.

HOWEVER, MODERN MAN has a great Lack of Faith...& Fidelity to Faith. The lack of Faith flows from a Weakness & Compromise with Principle...& with Objective Absolute Truth. There exists today even a DENIAL of Objective Moral Right & Wrong...which keeps those so afflicted  away from Grace & Truth.

TOO MANY TODAY are Fond of...&...Attached to the Secular Media...where MATERIAL CONCEPTS...& IDEAS here in the USA...are CONSTANTLY Upheld & though material Concerns...&...the constant pursuit of Pleasure....are the “BE ALL & END ALL” of Human Existence....even to be desired before Revealed Truth itself!

MANY CHRISTIANS, including Catholics...& those of other Religions who have fallen into this modern Trap of Falsehoods...begin to think they have a RIGHT to BELIEVE & ACT CONTRARY to God’s Commandments...& the Teachings of their own Church...even of  Divine Revelation.

THEIR REASONING goes something like this:  All of the above is long as I am SINCERE!  This kind of THINKING Overlooks & Denies OBJECTIVE:..Truth, RealityNorms. No one including Governments & Organizations of every kind...have the RIGHT to...Ignore & Cast Aside these so many people have done....which brings with it a Weakening & Loss of Faith!

WE CATHOLICS must listen to the VOICE of the TEACHING Church....& of CHRIST’S VICAR on POPE FRANCIS. We simply MUST LISTEN to someone OTHER THAN ONE’S SELF....& others who happen to agree with myself.

THE LITTLE BOOKLET.....”THE IMITATION OF CHRIST” says on this very point....“he who has ONLY Himself for a Guide...has for himself a FOOL!  THIS IS WHY Christ gave us His Church...who TEACHES, RULES & SANCTIFIES Souls...& LEADS THEM INTO HEAVEN...IN HIS NAME!

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