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Send Me Lord: St. Benedict

Fr. Walter Quinn, OSA
Priest Associate, Priests for Life

July 11, 1998

14th Week Yr              Isaiah  6:1-8                                                        



TODAY’S FIRST READING from Isaiah.....describes one of the great moments in ALL Religious  history. Every human ever born should be able to draw great benefit from what happened.

The young Isaiah looks up ...& sees the Lord sitting on the throne.....& sees a vision of  God Himself!


THE INFINITE Majesty, Holiness & Glory of God.....are reflected upon the nearby Seraphim...the Angels....whose wings cover their faces before the ALL HOLY  GOD!    Isaiah immediately shows man’s reaction to such a vision....before the face of the Almighty.  Instantly he becomes aware  of his own sins....& his unworthiness before God...& he cries out....”woe is me....I am doomed ....for I am a man of unclean eyes have seen the KING, the Lord of Hosts.”


WHAT HAPPENS NEXt?   A Seraph, one of the Angels flies to Isaiah...& touches his lips with a Live  hot coal...with a pair of tongs.   He touches Isaiah’s mouth...& says....”now that this has  Touched your lips.....your guilt is blotted out.”


THIS SCENE shows us the Infinite GAP that exists between humans...& the ALL HOLY GOD.  Nothing can enter  God’s Presence.....unless it has been purified from all evil....even from ALL attachment to evil....even from the GUILT OF SIN....which according to Church teaching REMAINS in the soul ...even after the sin itself is forgiven.  This helps to explain  the great need we all DO PENANCE for our sins...& to offer  atonement & reparation to God for all our sins......& for all  the GUILT of our sins.


 ST PETER REACTED in the very same way.....when re recognized the Divinity of Christ.....when he  said.....” depart from me O Lord.....for I am a sinful man.”  As soon as man recognizes his own helplessness, sins & weaknesses...& in all humility confesses his be or to do anything without God...& without the help of God & His Grace....then God always shows His Mercy by immediately forgiving the sins of any & all soukls....who manifest Humility ....& acknowledges one’s own sins in true sorrow...& asks God for help,.   This is what happened between Isaiah & God.


WHEN GOD ASKS .....”who shall I send...Isaiah quickly  replies ....”here I am Lord....send me.”  Now all of us cannot see God like Isaiah....but we can respond to the prompting of God’s Grace & Goodness that He sends to us each day.


WE CAN REPLY to God with the same words of Isaiah....”here I am Lord...send me.”   Now this means I will do & try to be....just what you want O God.  Send me.  Just tell me O God.....& I will do my very best like Isaiah....with generosity, docility & Love....that will let you mold me & shape me to your own  likeness...with willingness to serve you in any way you see fit....& to do all you desire....with all my  heart & Love....because you are MY LORD & MY GOD!

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