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If Not Received Walk Away

Fr. Walter Quinn, OSA
Priest Associate, Priests for Life

July 09, 1998

 Week Yr                   MT 10:7-15             1 TIM: 2-4                                                                                  SAM  6:30AM

                                   SAM = St  Augustine Monastery, Nova Scotia, Canada

OUR BLESSED LORD tells His Apostles as He sends them forth…The gift you have received give as a gift   

The GREATEST GIFT we have received from God next to LIFE our PRECIOUS GIFT OF FAITH.

This Gift of Faith is surely meant to be SHARED…not kept or hoarded without concern for one’s...fellow

 man or neighbor. 


OUR LORD SAID:…”Do not hide your light under a bushel basket..”No...let your light  shine  before men…. that they may see your good works…&... give glory to your Heavenly Father.”  The APOSTLES are to

 look for a worthy person.  Christ says:”    “If a Peaceable man is there, your Peace will rest upon him....

.... If NOT it will return to you.  Anyone who will NOT welcome you…or… your words, shake

 the dust from that town off your feet in protest…as you leave that house or town.” 


CHRIST IS REMINDING us that if the Heart is RECEPTIVE….at least WILLING to receive God’s Graces…then

 you may enter & bear fruit.  If the House, Head or Heart are NOT receptive… then God will not force any

one....nor overpower anyone’s FREE WILL CHOICE.  He tells the Apostles to leave that house or town. 

 Each of us has many Opportunities to spread our Precious Catholic Faith…especially by…GOOD EXAMPLE.


  WE SHOULD REMEMBER too…that people easily take note of any BAD EXAMPLE…& often use that to justify

 their own bad or sinful conduct.  Thus any BAD EXAMPLE shatters any Chance or Hope of Conversion...or...

Change of Heart.  Many Souls today are suffering in parishes where there are strange sounding Theologies.

…criticisms of the Holy Father……or of the CCC ....(Catechism of the Catholic Church)....&outright DENIAL of

some very BASIC & FUNDAMENTAL Church Teachings!


I THINK THE TIME HAS COME….& I believe it’s LONG OVERDUE for such Souls to change their…allegiance to

another Catholic parish…& Priests who are IN UNION with the Holy  See...&... Bishops who are in Union

 with the Pope & the Vicar of Christ.  Throughout Church History....Theologians have given a NAME to the

 ability of the Faithful...even of those who have little or no Religious SENSE strange sounding

 .....& False Teachings of the Faith.  In’s called the...”SENSUS  FIDEI”...or “Sense of the Faithful.”

 MANY  of the Faithful seem to know when they ‘re hearing VIEWS & OPINIONS  that are NOT completely in

.....agreement with Official Church Teaching.


WE SHOULD APPLY Our Lord’s own ADMONITION to these situations.  Let the Faithful....”walk away”...

.....& find another Catholic Parish...where they  PREACH &TEACH ALL THE TRUTHS of our CATHOLIC FAITH!


TODAY MUCH IS NEEDEDPersevering Prayer...Good Example...& a Willingness to Discuss  & Explain the Faith

....without any IRENISTIC COMPROMISE...that is a......“WATERING DOWN” of Doctrine or Morality to make

 things slide down easier!


                                       ST 1TIM:2-4....WRITES......”GOD....WILLS ALL MEN to be SAVED

                                                  & TO COME to the.....KNOWLEDGE  of  TRUTH.”   

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