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God Whispers to the Silent Soul

Fr. Walter Quinn, OSA
Pastoral Associate, Priests for Life

June 12, 1998

10th Week Yr              1KG 19-9, 11-16      MT 5:27-30                                                                           SAM =  St Augustine Monastery,  Nova Scotia, Canada

IF THE  SILENT SOUL pleases God very much....then spiritual writers say the Soul possesses an INNER Purity...a Simplicity an Inner Goodness & both THOUGHT & MOTIVE.    In today’s Gospel MT 5:27-30  Our Lord clearly points out that there are SINS of THOUGHT.   HOW’S THIS?....because SIN lies in the WILL.  Sin BEGINS in the Will.   As soon as the Will says “Yes”....& gives CONSENT to that which is a LAW or COMMANDMENT of GOD or CHURCH.


IN THE LATE 60’S the then Declared Blessed Pope Paul VI lamented that...”no one speaks of SIN anymore!  “Sin is a word , he says, that has gone out of though it were un-seemly & in bad taste.”   In the past 30 years much has been written, mostly in the Conservative Press, of a Great GAP....& Failure in too many pulpits of the World....of NOT Emphasizing, Teaching & Stressing the Malice & Evil of SIN.


SO MUCH SO...that many Christians, Catholics included....ACT as though there is NO such thing as Personal Responsibility...& therefore no NEED for Penance or Confession.   They do not believe in the presence of what is called the GUILT OF SIN..   Of course, this kind of TOTALLY FALSE........& a clever Ruse of Satan STEAL SOULS AWAY from God, Grace & Virtue.


IN THE 1ST RDG (1KG 19-9)....ELIJAH is in the Mountain Cave. He is alone, but he has seen some dramatic Events! There are FIVE THINGS we should consider:  1) He had Stopped the Rain & the DEW in the Land.  2) He had been FED by the RAVENS in theWilderness. 3) ELIJAH & a Widow & her Son had been FED for a whole Year from a JAR of Flour & a Jug of Oil that did NOT Run Dry. 4) ELIJAH Prayed LIFE back into the Boy after he had Died. 5) ELIJAH called FIRE down from Heaven in the Contest with the 450 Prophets of BAAL (1KG 18:19).  The Prophets & all the People saw the Sacrifice, Wood, Altar, Stone & the 12 Jars of Water Consumed by the FIRE of the Lord of Heaven....1K18:38


ELIJAH IS ALONE...& came to a Cave where he took shelter....1K19:9 waiting for the Lord...”to Pass by,” but Scripture says....God was NOT in the Earthquake, Wind or Fire.  NO, God was IN THE SILENCE that followed.  God was in the Silence of his Soul.  And out of this Silence comes a Whispering Sound.....the Sound of God’s Voice & Call.


NOW EACH ONE can Think About the Above....& Try to Apply all this to your own Soul, Daily Life & Vocation.  Of course, your Conclusions will Vary depending on one’s Vocation & State in Life.  


IF ONE TRIES DAILY to Live Close to God....both in both External Actions.....& more importantly even in THOUGHT & MOTIVE...then there CAN EXIST a Beautiful...”Silence in the Soul”...United to...&Seeking...& Loving God.  And in the Silence of this Union.....the Soul will be Able to Hear God....Whispering to us.    Then the Answer will come from the Depths of one’s Being....



                             THE WHOLE DESIRE OF MY HEART & SOUL

                               YES LORD.....I LONG TO SEE YOUR FACE...!

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