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The Blaze is Not Lit

Fr. Walter Quinn, OSA
Priest Associate, Priests for Life

October 22, 1998

  29th Week of Year         LK 12: 49-53                                                                 SAM   6:30 AM

                             SAM  =  St Augustine Monastery, Nova Scotia, Canada


IN TODAY’S GOSPEL...LK 12: 49-53...Our Lord says....”I have come to light a Fire on Earth

how I wish the Blaze was ignited.” Evidently Christ thinks....that the great FIRE OF FAITH

 that He desires to be burning in every human NOT LIT!


THERE ARE JUST TOO MANY SOULS, whose Love for....God, Heaven, Grace & Truth are

 just not on FIRE anymore! The Faith of many people has become Weak, Discarded Lost many SEEK their own Worldly, Pleasures & Interests...BEFORE GOD & what God



THIS WAS TRUE in the time of Christ.  It is even more true today.....when even Catholics

 who have received the Grace of Faith in Baptism....& are NO LONGER PRACTICING their

 Faith. Their Flaming Faith has Flickered out!  Our Lord was deeply saddened by so many

 lacking Faith. He EVEN WEPT over the City of Jerusalem.  Christ describes the necessity of keep the FIRE of Faith alive...throughout one’s ENTIRE LIFE upon earth.


SO, THIS IS WHY Our Lord says in LK 12: 51...”do you think I have come to give Peace upon  the earth?  NO I tell you, but DIVISION. Then He cites Divisions in EVERY HOUSEHOLD...FATHERS against Sons, MOTHERS against Daughters.....even among ALL THE IN-LAWS.


HARDLY A DAY GOES BY that we followers of Christ....don’t have to Make a Decision ....

between  doing what is for one’s self, or for another...between doing our OWN WILL...or....

GOD’S WILL....between  making the Tough Choice...or our own EASE & FORGETFULNESS of God...CHOOSING between  VIRTUE or SIN....between  HUMILITY OR PRIDE...between going to Mass...or staying home in bed....or playing Golf, Soccer, Shopping...or CHOOSING  the Beach, Boating, the Shore...”I have to TAKE CARE OF NUMBER ONE meaning one’s self ..even if someone FORGETS in the above choices.

TODAY WE OFTEN HEAR someone say!  This is WHY Our Lord WEEPS...& is SAD...because many are Knowingly & Willingly....walking away from Christ’s Infinte Love & Infinite Mercy.

When we MAKE OUR CHOICES...Our Lord wants us to follow Him by CHOOSING to ACCEPT HIS CROSS WILLINGLY!

OUR HUMAN NATURE RECOILS...& wants us to run away from all Crosses.  But History shows that it is ONLY THROUGH THE CROSS...that we are able PENANCE...grow in VIRTUE  ...PLEASE GOD...SAVE our OWN SOULS...& the SOULS OF OTHERS.

THIS IS WHAT OUR LORD meant when He said....”He who loses his Life for My sake...will find it.”

 It is in & through this LOSE ONE’S LIFE for Christ....that...we shall find God’s...

....Peace, Love & Happiness, & Blessings....RETURNED TO US A HUNDRED TIMES OVER!


                                     IT’S NOT WHAT WE DO....BUT WITH HOW MUCH LOVE...

                                                  ...WE HAVE IN OUR HEARTS...THAT...

                                                          ...PLEASES GOD SO MUCH! 

                                        THIS IS WHAT MAKES SAINTS...GREAT SAINTS!

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