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The Sin Against the Holy Spirit

Fr. Walter Quinn, OSA
Priest Associate, Priests for Life

October 17, 1998

  28th Week of Yr         LK 12:8-12   MT 12: 31       ACTS 17:28                                                       SAM  6:30 AM

     SAM = St Augustine Monastery, Nova Scotia, Canada


WE HAVE ALL HEARD of the GOLDEN RULE...MT 7:1....”Do unto you would have them do unto you.”   This Rule also sums up what Our Lord says in today’s Gospel ...LK 12:8-12 :

 “Everyone who acknowledges ME before men...him will the Son of Man...acknowledge before the  +Angels of God.”


BUT THEN WE SEE something different.  MT 12:31...Christ seems to reverse His policy when He says

 says....”Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of man will be forgiven.”   This means our  foolish lapses..our fickleness, our spiritual instability, our helplessness, our do any  thing on our own...without God’s help.


ALL THESE WILL BE FORGIVEN....but whoever BLASPHEMES against the Holy Spirit....will NEVER be forgiven....either in this world...or in the world to come. To BLASPHEME against the Holy Spirit is to speak Evil of the Holy Spirit...WHO IS THE VERY SOURCE...of all Holiness, Goodness, Truth & Virtue


THIS SHOWS A MORAL DEPRAVITY...that is SOLIDLY who unites one’s self with CORRUPTION & SATAN who is EVIL itself.  The Sin against the Holy Disobedience to God. It is especially  OFFENSIVE to the Holy Spirit.  These are Sins that result in Hatred for God...& may even involve a Pact with the Devil himself.  Some of the actions committed against the Church today...appear to be  SATANIC in their....Origin, End, Nature & Purpose.


THERE ARE SIX TRADITIONAL SINS against the Holy Spirit:  1) Presumption of God’s Mercy, 2) Despair,  3) Resisting Known Truth, 4) Envy of Another’s  Good, 5) Obstinacy in Sin, 6) Final Impenitence.


MANY WRITERS have written about this Unpardonable Sin cited by Our Lord.  Most say it is the Sin  of Final Impenitence...resulting from Despair...or Presumption.  Others say it is ANY that  refuses  to ask God for Forgiveness.

EVERY TIME THIS SUBJECT comes up...I think of the US Navy Chaplain who told me what he went through on the Deck of a listing burning Aircraft Carrier during World War II.  He was holding in his  arms a dying Sailor...who was badly shot up....& bleeding profusely.  He told the Sailor to...”say a quick Act of Contrition...just tell God you’re sorry for your sins THAT’S ALL.”  “NO said the Sailor......I lived this way....& I’m going to Die this way!”

I CAN THINK OF NO BETTER EXAMPLE...of this Sin Against the Holy Spirit.  That Sailor knew he was  about to Die.  He was looking God right in the Eye...& telling God he did NOT want God’s Forgiveness!

HOW HORRIBLE A SIN!   This is WHY Our Lord says...such an Obstinate person cannot be forgiven because no Sorrow is presentEven God cannot forgive...without the NECESSARY SORROW in the Heart & Soul!

 ACTS 17:28    THE HOLY SPIRIT IS THE VERY BREATH of God.  He is the ONE who helps us to Live, Breathe, Express all Human Beliefs, Emotions of Sorrow, Love, Zeal, Fidelity & Courage.  He is the Center of Truth...the Fire of Virtue & the Flame of Love...for EVERY SOUL created by God.  


                            THIS IS WHY WE CAN & SHOULD PRAY THE PRAYER...


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