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Fr. Walter J. Quinn, OSA
Priest Associate, Priests for Life

February 11, 1999

MK 7: 24-30                                    

SAM  8:00Am                 

SAM = St Augustine Monastery,  Antigonish,  Canada


THE STORY IN TODAY’S GOSPEL often Puzzles it is a Classic in its Double Meaning.  The Children are the JEWS who dwell in the House of the Lord and need food. The DOGS, a derogatory title used by Our Lord, refers to the GENTILES of any origin including the Phoenician Woman in the story. 


THE WOMAN responds quickly using the term “DOGS”....which means they too need to eat & are also dependent on the GOD of Israel.....& therefore.....should NOT be deprived.  She won’t take NO for an answer!  Her Need is NOT for herself, but for her Daughter troubled by an UNCLEAN SPIRIT.


SHE IS EVEN WILLING TO ACCEPT being called a DOG by Our Lord...IF it helps her case...& proves her point....&....her Need.  How does the Lord Our God REACT?  What does He give her?  Because of her Persistence in Prayer...Because of Faith & Trust in the Divine Mercy...Christ gives her...Not the Scraps

 from the table.  Oh No!  She gets the Choice Portion...the Very Best one could hope for....& this comes from Our Blessed Lord Himself!             


SHE IS A SYRO-PHOENICIAN who is often Snubbed by the Members of the House of God...because she is a Woman....and....because she is a FOREIGNER.  She represents those people who are those who & should know better....& who should be practicing Christian Charity.


THIS SYRO-PHOENICIAN WOMAN receives a Reward from God...&...her Daughter is Cured.  SO...what the many...”sons of the Household refuse” given to OTHERS...those who treat God with the Respect..

Obedience...& Love......that God Deserves from......ALL His Creatures.


THERE ARE MANY PARISHES in the USA & around the World where the majority of Catholics no longer attend Mass on Sunday & Holydays.  The figure goes as high as 70%!  This is astounding for those who have been Blessed by God with the Gift of Faith...&...who have been asked to share the Kingdom of God by being Baptized. There are those who have been born into the Faith...&...are worshiping the False gods of Self-pity....&....Perpetual Personal Pleasure.  


 MANY OF THESE INDIVIDUALS keep to their own Ideas of Right, Wrong, Truth & Morality...even though they know their views are contrary to what the Catholic Church Believes & Teaches....even if contrary to what the Pope SOLEMNLY PROCLAIMS & the Vicar of Christ.

          ....SEE CCC = Catechism of the Catholic Church.


NO ONE SHOULD TRY to Mock God.   Sin still exists...&...this Pride is the Root & the Cause of  Turmoil.....&...Division in the Church & Society today.   That which appears to be Good & in Reality False & Sinful......otherwise it would not be a Temptation.  Self-Deception often gets too firm a grip on the Heart.....& the Mind.  By then it is often too late!


                                    NOTE:.....IF ONE IS TRULY SORRY.....THEN ALL CAN BE FORGIVEN.

                                           EVERYONE SHOULD LISTEN TO THE VOICE OF CHRIST


                                     OUR LORD ALWAYS SPEAKS TO US....THROUGH HIS CHURCH

                                   AND...THROUGH HIS VICAR ON EARTH.... NOW POPE FRANCIS


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