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Three Magnificent Archangels

Fr. Walter Quinn, OSA
Priest Associate, Priests for Life

September 29, 1979

                                                                   Feast of the Angels


AS OF THE ABOVE DATE, when I was stationed in Atlantic City, NJ at our Augustinian Parish of St.Nicholas

 of Tolentine at the corner of Tennessee & Pacific long block from the Boardwalk & the

Ocean some very interesting & unusual things occurred.


Over the Main Altar there are Paintings of Seven Beautiful AngelsOne day after morning mass a man

came into the Sacristy....& asked me about the Seven  Angels he said...”We know of three Angels...Michael.

..Gabriel...& Raphael....who are the other four?”  I told him I didn’t know, but I would find out...& so I

 began a study about Angels.


WHAT WE DO KNOW about the Angels is based on WRITTEN Scripture, both Old & New Terstaments.  The

 UNWRITTEN or ORAL Tradition of Church Teachings are based on the Writings  of the Fathers & Docters

of the Church.....ors& the early Saints. The Church has dedicated the entire Month of October to the Angels.


ANGELS are Pure Spirits without Bodies.  This means they cannot Suffer or Die.  They possess Superior

 INTELLIGENCE, Gigantic STRENGTH...& Surpassing HOLINESS.  Some are sent by God to Messengers

 from Heaven.   The word “Angel” means MESSENGER.  This Feast celebrates these three Archangels who

 were sent by God to man over the course of the Ages:   MICHAEL, GABRIEL & RAPHAEL.



MICHAEL:  his name means “Like Unto God” or Power of God.”   Sacred Scripture describes him as a Leader

of the Forces of Heaven in their TRIUMPH over Satan & the Powers of Hell.  St. Michael is invoked as a

 Protector of the Church of Christ.


GABRIEL:  his name means “Man of God.”   LK 1:26...Most People recall Gabriel as the Angel who announced

 to Mary that she was to Conceive the Christ Child by the Power of the Holy Spirit....MT 2:20ff...LK 2:26ff.  


GABRIEL APPEARS TWICE to Daniel....DAN 8:16...1st: he interprets the vision for Daniel....& tells  him...

I will show you what is to come to pass” Gabriel & the Archangels know the future.   2nd:  Dan 9:2...

Gabriel appears to Daniel as a ManIn LK 1:19..Gabriel appears to Zachary to announce the Conception...

& Birth of John the Baptist.


RAPHAEL:  whose name means “Healer of God”...or “Remedy of God.”  You will find Raphael mentioned in

 the Old Testament book of TOBIT....or TOBIAS ...several times.   Raphael:...Guides the young wandering

Tobias...see TOBIT 5:5-13-17.....he Cures his Blindness....& helps him find a Wife.  Raphael finally reveals his

 Name. ”I am the ARCHANGEL of the SEVEN who stand before the Lord.”   SO...who are the

 other 4...since Angels reflect the Attributes of God?




 I READ SOMEWHERE that the other four Angels might be named....HOLINESS... TRUTH....BEAUTY...& WISDOM

....but this is pure speculation.  I’ll cite some very interesting comments about the ANGELS from three Early

 Fathers of the Church:  Saints Basil+379AD, Gregory the Great+604AD & Jerome+420AD.


ST. BASIL“Everyone of the Faithful has an Angel standing by his/her side as Educator & Guide of his/her Life.”

ST. GREGORY THE GREAT“Every person from Birth has their very own Guardian Angel.”

ST. JEROME“How great the value of a Human Soul that every single person has from birth an Angel for their



AND LASTLY   Here’s a SUGGESTION:   Since every one of us has been given a Name by our Parents at Baptism

 by which we are known & addressed....& because of their great HOLINESS...DIGNITY...&..INDIVIDUALITY &

 PRESENCE  before Almighty God in Heaven...please give your Angel a Proper & Dignified Name by which you

 can address & talk to him daily.

                               I FEEL FAIRLY CERTAIN THAT......HE WILL LIKE IT VERY MUCH....


                                   & WHEN YOU GET TO HEAVEN...HE WILL TELL YOU SO!

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