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No Sign Shall Be Given

Walter Quinn, OSA
Priest Associate, Priests for Life

July 20, 1998

16th Week of Year    MT 16:1-4                                                                                                                

 SAM = St. Augustine Monastery,  Nova Scotia, Canada


OUR LORD tells the people in today’s Gospel  MT 16: 1-4...”no sign shall be given them!”

“Certain of the Scribes & Pharisees answered Him saying, Master we would like to see  

a sign from youBut He answered them & said to them...”an Evil & Adulterous generation

Demands a sign...& NO SIGN shall be given them, but the Sign of JONAS THE PROPHET.


NOTEChrist points out that the Scribes & Pharisees DEMAND a sign even though they lacked Faith.  Perhaps their Faith once prompted them to practice Virtue...but they must’ve slowed down & stopped...& they let Doubt & Skepticism creep in.


FROM SKEPTICISM there comes Doubt...then Denial...& finally Affirmation of the Denial.

 It doesn’t stop here either!  In order to Justify such a Position & Activity, people of our modern  age, like the Scribes Pharisees,  soon begin to PREACH & AFFIRM their sinful activity as something  Good & Virtuous.   WE SEE this same situation today.....with Abortion, Euthanasia, Gay Rights, Homosexual activity posing as something Good & Virtuous, TRIAL Marriage, GAY Marriage, No Marriage at all...etc.


These groups begin to Demand not only TOLERANCE...but they even want Society to support

 them with their TAX DOLLARS.  Supporters of these views regard all their activities. an ALTERNATE Life Style.....something Good & True.  How PERVERSE the Human Mind

can sink.  Satan has cleverly captured their Hearts...& is able to keep them in perverse activity.


JONAH WAS ABLE to move God to Pity & Mercy...with his Humble Prayer of Sorrow & Penance. 

Every time Man Believes, Seeks & Accepts...the Wisdom, Mercy & Power of God....& Reforms

his/her Life in Sorrow, Penance, Faith & Love of God.....then God always Relents ...& Lavishes

His Love & Grace upon the Soul.  WHY?  Because then the Really trying to Live a Life of

VIRTUE....which pleases God very much.


                                          THEY ARE NOT LIVING A LIFE OF VICE & SIN.....


                       ......WITH THE AUDACITY OF..... CALLING IT GOOD & VIRTUOUS!

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