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Speck in Brother’s Eye

Fr. Walter Quinn, OSA
Priest Associate, Priests for Life

September 01, 1998

   23rd Week Yr    LK 6:39-42   &  LK 11:37ff   HEB 4:12-13


 SAM = St Thomas Monastery,  Nova Scotia,  Canada 


“WHY LOOK at the SPECK in your Brother’s Eye...when you miss the PLANK in your own? Our Lord tells us we have to make the effort to STOP being JUDGMENTAL...because when we Judge others...we are really condemning ourselves! THERE IS AN INNATE, INBORN desire in human nature to...always want to...make everyone else into our own likeness. We always want to change, correct, rebuke....& thereby judge others!


WE SHOULD REMEMBER....IT IS GOD ALONE...who has the RIGHT to Judge others.  God alone knows what is in the Heart of man.  God’s Word is Living & Efficient...& a Discerner of the thoughts & Intentions of the Heart.  SELF-EXAMINATION:..”Why do you see the SPECK in your Brother’s Eye...yet  do not see the BEAM in your own Eye?”  HEB 4:12-13...“the Word of God is Living & Efficient...& Keener than any two-edged Sword...& extending even to the division of Soul & Spirit......& a Discerner of the thoughts & Intentions of the Heart.” HEB 4:13... “There is no creature hidden from His sight..but all things are naked...& open to the EYE’S of Him to whom we have to give an account.”


TO JUDGE OTHERS is the Sin of Rash Judgment.  It is easily a PIT we can fall we have to be careful to AVOID.  We should always try to tell ourselves...there but for the Grace of God go I.  Of Course, NO ONE CAN SAY....”I HAVE NO FAULTS!


OUR LORD said to the Crowd in JN 3:8-11..who wanted to Stone to Death the Woman caught in the act of Adultery...”Let him who is without sin....cast the first stone.”   Most of us need to meditate on this matter of JUDGING others.   QUESTION:  “....What does God want from us?   ANSWER:     He wants more Mercy, Forgiveness of others, Empathy, a Willingness & a Docility to respond favorably to His Divine Graces.


THE PHARISEE in LK 11;37ff was HORRIFIED at the lack of prescribed Ablutions.  Our Lord set him straight...& all the others in time....who are so quick to criticize another....for something DONE.....or NOT DONE....or something SAID.....or NOT SAID.

OF COURSE....DISCORD & DISHARMONY can creep in...often magnified when the story is repeated to someone else.  We want others to UPHOLD the LAW......but we ourselves so easily break it!  We want JUSTICE for others...but MERCY for ourselves. 


WE SHOULD RECALL  that we simply have to BEAR with others, Help our Neighbor, Comfort each other, Assist, Admonish, Instruct, Teach...especially by living a Life of GOOD EXAMPLEWHY?.....because ACTIONS speak louder than Words.


TRIAL & NOT really indicate a Person’s Weakness!   They DO SHOW one’s Strength, Resolve, Dedication....& Virtue!   All this means a thorough effort on our UNITE our WILL....& our whole BEING TO GOD’S WILL.


SO, OUR LORD not only hates a Coward...but He also despises who says one thing...but does another. 

The BOTTOM LINE is this:....we Christians must try with the help of Prayer, Sacraments & overcome our own deliberate Sins & Faults first....& then proceed to help others...who need our SYMPATHY & SOLICITUDE


                                  GOD WILL HELP US..... TO DO THIS.   BUT WE HAVE TO BEGIN.... SOMEWHERE!  

                                                          WE HAVE TO BEGIN WITH OURSELVES......666


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