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Seeking God Constantly

Fr. Walter Quinn, OSA
Priest Associate, Priests for Life

July 23, 1998

      16th Week of Year     JER 2:1-3    Jer 4:21      LK 12:19    MT 12:19                      SAM   6:30AM

                                SAM =  St Augustine Monastery,      Nova Scotia,    Canada


IN THE 1ST READING TODAY...JER 2: 1-3... the Old Testament Prophet Jeremiah reminds Israel

of her relationship to God...of how Israel is “sacred to the Lord”...& she....”once Loved

Me as a Bride.”  Israel was Sacred to the Lord.  He led her out of Egypt...& gave her  JER 11:5...

”a Land flowing with milk & honey.”


EVEN THOUGH ISRAEL is described as Sacred to the Lord.....she still defiled My Land. “They

returned to the Former Iniquities of their Fathers....who Refused to Listen to Me. “They have

Forgotten the Lord their God....JER Rebellious Children


NOTICE THE STRONG WORD IMAGES Jeremiah uses to the House of Israel

& the House of Juda have made Void my Covenant....JER 10 ff...which I made with their

 Fathers....& they changed from a True Love of God....into a Nation Rejecting their Covenant

with God...& have gone after Strange serve them!


THERE ARE 52 CHAPTERS in the entire Book of Jeremiah. They cover THEMES Of:  Idolatry

 of the Jewish people, Obstinacy in Sin, Invitations to Return, Exhortation to Repentance,

Sin the Cause of Misery, Foretelling & Deliverance from Captivity, Israel Restored,  & a

 New Covenant with Israel.


GOD WILL NOT ALLOW those who REPEATEDY commit Grave (Mortal) Sin....”to get away

 with it!”  NOTE:  The Church has always taught that....Grave Sin is the same as Mortal Sin.

 There are many Priests & teachers out there who support weird ideas since Vatican II... not follow them!


ON THIS POINT Scripture gives us a word of caution:...LK 12:19...”I will say to my Soul:

You have many good things laid up for many years...take your, drink & be merry.

 But God said to him:  “you fool...this very night your Soul will be demanded of you!”  The

 things you have provided for yourself...whose will they be?”  “So is he who lays up treasure

 for himself.... & is not rich as regards God!


MT 13:10....”the disciples came up to Him (Christ)...& said...”why do you speak to them in

 Parables?”  Christ answered them  MT 12: ff...”to you it is given to know the mysteries of

the Kingdom of Heaven...but to them it is NOT given.  To him who has, more shall be given. him who has not....what little he has shall be taken away.”    MT 13:13...“This is WHY I

speak to them in parables.”


                     THEN OUR LORD CITES the often quoted Prophecy of Isaiah    IS 6:9-7   

                                   Isaiah’s Prophecy is fulfilled in them which says

   “Listen as you will...& you shall not see          ...Otherwise they might see with their Eyes

   Sluggish this peoples heart              & hear with their Ears & Understand with their

   They have scarcely heard with their Ears         Hearts...& turn back to Me...& I would heal them”

   They have firmly closed their Eyes....


THE MORE ONE SEEKS GOD.....the more God will help them...that Grace prepares one

 for another Grace.   One who fails to correspond with a Grace will lose what he has.  Spiritual

 writers say Grace follows upon Grace.  This is really a REWARD...for trying to Seek & Love God

 even  more.    A prime example of this would be St Mary Magdalene.


THOSE WHO REPEATEDLY seek the False Idols of :   self-pleasure, comfort, money & material

concerns....will lose what little they have.”   Many people are in a SPIRITUAL RUT....& they just

 don’t want to be healed!   Christ is speaking about those who Freely & Knowingly choose to go

 in the opposite direction...AWAY from God.  If they did listen to..... & obey the Lord’s words....


                                .......”THEY WOULD TURN TO ME....& I WOULD HEAL THEM.”

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