A Note on Catholics for a Free Choice-Statement of the Knights of Columbus


Knights of Columbus

   Statement of the Knights of Columbus on recent actions of Catholics for a Free Choice

The recent statement made by a group calling itself "Catholic for a Free Choice" urging the United Nations to withdraw the Holy See’s permanent observer status is an empty gesture which typifies the work of that organization. It is intended to grab media attention but is otherwise without meaning.

The Knights of Columbus, with 1.6 million members, along with the families of those members, in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Philippines and several other countries, is a nongovernmental organization associated with the United Nations.

The Knights of Columbus is well aware of the indispensable, valuable and constructive role that the Holy See plays in the work of the United Nations.

"Catholics for a Free Choice" is not Catholic in any recognizable sense of the word. This point was made forcefully a few years ago by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the United States. It represents no one and no real issues. The organization’s virtually nonexistent membership seeks support for a pro-abortion, anti-family agenda. The only activity that it undertakes is issuing antagonistic statements, from time to time, in hopes of embarrassing the Catholic Church while calling attention to itself.

The recent demand by "Catholics for a Free Choice" simply illustrates, once again, its own irrelevance and ignorance. Before launching into an insensitive campaign of hatred against the Catholic Church and its role in the international community, "Catholics for a Free Choice" should at least have considered the important activities that the Holy See has undertaken, through the centuries, in the field of diplomacy. Note also should have been taken of the fact that the Holy See presently maintains diplomatic relations with more than 168 countries of the world.

The reason that the Holy See has not become a full member of the United Nations should be seen in its resolve to maintain the noble role of neutrality, and not in the absence of international legal status. This point is never questioned except by groups like "Catholics for a Free Choice."

Needless to say, the Holy See’s present role is much appreciated by the international community while its moral and spiritual authority is well respected. This was evident in the historic visits of Popes Paul VI and John Paul II to the U.N. Headquarters and their memorable addresses to the General Assembly.

A great number of Member States of the United Nations will not fail to recognize the important and gentle service the Holy See, through its Permanent Observer Mission in New York, has rendered and continues to render, in a multitude of ways, to the international community.

The refusal of "Catholics for a Free Choice" to accept the truth and the teaching of the Catholic Church on certain moral issues cannot justify it to resort to meaningless and vindictive attack campaigns devoid of any historical perspective.

Along with millions of truth-loving people in the world, we reiterate our conviction that the Holy See is an esteemed part of the U.N. community and must remain so.

We respectfully request Your Excellency’s concurrence with this view.

April 16, 1999