Dr. Alveda King: “Abortion Man” Video Is an Assault on Human Dignity, Just Like Abortion Itself


Priests for Life




Atlanta, GA – Dr. Alveda King, Pastoral Associate of Priests for Life and niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., today decried the WayoutTV.com video, “Abortion Man,” now being broadcast on the internet.  The video, an apparent attempt at dark humor, portrays a caped, flying “Abortion Man” who attacks a young pregnant woman until she loses her child, all at the behest of the baby’s father.
“Abortion Man just comes off as horrifying in its treatment of the innocent and degrading in its treatment of blacks,” said Dr. King.  “As callous and unconcerned as Abortion Man is for women and babies, though, I found him little different from the abortion industry itself.  If any man wants his pregnant girlfriend to abort, an abortion business will be there to help him get rid of his child.  Basically, the abortion industry is Abortion Man without the cape and with less overtly offensive methods.” 
 “I understand that there’s a fine line between dark comedy and plain old offensive material,” added Dr. King, “but wherever that line is, it’s somewhere way in the distance of Abortion Man’s rear view mirror.  I’m convinced, though, that if the makers of this video had heard the stories I’ve heard of women coerced into abortions, they never would have tried to find humor in such gruesome situations.  If the Abortion Man producers ever want to stimulate dialogue and find solutions for the horrors of abortion against the human race, I would welcome the opportunity to speak with them.”

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