Dr. Alveda King on Charles Barkley’s “Fake Christians” Comment: The Remains of 50 Million Aborted Americans “Are Very, Very Real.”


Priests for Life



Staten Island, NY – Dr. Alveda King, Pastoral Associate of Priests for Life and niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., today responded to comments made by announcer and former basketball player Charles Barkley.  Mr. Barkley, who called himself pro-choice, said that conservatives are “fake Christians.”

“Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., stated that ‘religion true to its natures must also be concerned about man’s social conditions,’” said Alveda King.  “I would say to Mr. Barkley that it is not fake Christianity to be concerned for the condition of those who cannot defend or speak for themselves, the unborn.  Furthermore, whether or not one thinks that pro-lifers’ beliefs are fake, the remains of almost 50 million aborted Americans, one-third of them African-Americans, are very, very real.”

“One must wonder if black slaves would have considered the spiritual state of abolitionists’ souls fake Christianity?  Those who are alive today because of pro-life efforts are grateful that someone cared for them enough to protect them,” added Dr. King.  “Let us pray that Mr. Barkley and all the rest of us would humble ourselves, forget about judging others, and get real about the horror and devastation of abortion.”

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