Women’s Health Increasingly Takes Back Seat to Abortion Industry’s Profits Say “Silent No More” Leaders


Silent No More Awareness Campaign



Detroit, MI – Spokespersons for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, an international network of women and men affected by abortion, charged today that doctors who perform late term abortions are increasingly putting profits ahead of women’s health.

Deb Ives, a local Regional Coordinator for SNMAC in Detroit, said that because of the federal ban on partial-birth abortions, abortionists have increased their use of digoxin, a drug approved for heart conditions that will kill a child in utero. 

“Everyone agrees that using this drug for abortions increases the risk of death to women,” said Ms. Ives.  “The Food and Drug Administration has never authorized this kind of use, a Yale University study says more women will die because of it, but abortionists don’t seem to care.  They’d rather go on killing for profit than help women and their children live.  It’s unconscionable.”

Janet Morana, Co-Founder of SNMAC, added that digoxin is both physically and emotionally dangerous for women.  “We know that digoxin doesn’t always kill the child in the womb,” said Ms. Morana.  “A woman’s baby is injected with this drug, which usually kills the child and causes a miscarriage, but not always.  What of the women like the one in Florida who had her child injected with digoxin and then delivered a live 22-week-old baby boy only to watch him die?   Mothers are left devastated by this procedure while abortionists count their money.”