Fr. Frank Pavone Commends Georgia Senate For Pro-Life Actions


Priests for Life



New York -- National Director of Priests for Life Fr. Frank Pavone today praised the Georgia State Senate for approving three bills relating to preborn children.

"The Georgia Senate's votes expanding protection for unborn babies whose mothers are attacked, for pharmacists who don't want to participate in taking others lives, and for mothers and children who have never seen each other, speak to the very purpose of government," declared Fr. Pavone. "The first job of legislators is to protect the lives of those they represent. The Georgia Senate is to be applauded for taking its job seriously."

The Unborn Victims of Violence Act passed by the Senate updates and expands current Georgia law, which now only criminalizes the murder of a late-term unborn child. Under the bill, the death of any child at any stage of pregnancy would result in a homicide charge for the mother's attacker.

The second bill would allow pharmacists who file objections in advance not to be forced to dispense drugs like RU-486 which induce abortions. The third act would require an abortionist to make a sonogram image of a mother's unborn baby and to offer to show the image to the woman prior to an abortion.

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