In Honor of Jesus Christ, the Eternal King


Fr. Frank Pavone


Of every pond and stream that flows,
Of every rock and pebble small,
Of every river and ocean wide,
Out every mountain vast and tall,


Of every moon and star above,
Of every storm and rain and hail,
Of sleet and fog, of ice and smog,
Of summer breeze and winter gale,


Of every island in the sea,
Of every animal that walks,
Or crawls or swims or flies or rests,
Or chirps or barks or howls or squawks,


Of every place by men unknown,
Not yet discovered or explored,
Of every height and every depth,
Of sites beloved and abhorred,


Of every kingdom, empire, state,
Dominion, country, monarchy
Of village small and city great
Of men of power and majesty,


Of house and home and property,
Of kitchen and of living room,
Of bedroom, hallway, stairway long,
Of playground and of working room,


Of every act, desire, and wish,
Longing, passion, weakness, strength,
Of every heart that longs and laughs,
And cries and tries and waits at length,


Of all who suffer and who wait
For justice or for daily bread,
Of all who triumph and are glad,
Of all who middle paths do tread,


Of every woman, man and child,
Of every creature large and small,
Of every sinner, saint and angel,


Jesus Christ is King of all!


Yes He is King; yes, Christ is King!
No start or end and never failing,
His reign engulfs infinity
O'er all existing things prevailing.


Yet men are weak and often question
When many evil things they see.
Christ waits for them to realize
That He is wiser than are we.


He is aware of all that is,
He knows our problems, needs and fears,
His Providence is now at work
And Jesus’ final triumph nears.


Then let us rise in greater faith
To tell the world of His great name,
That when the King returns, we may
For lack of faith not blush with shame. Amen!


(Note: This poem was written by Fr. Frank Pavone when he was a college seminarian.)