Founder Dedicates New Pro-Life Society to Memory of John Paul II


Priests for Life


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Rome, Italy -- Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, announced today from his Rome office that the new Society of Priests he has been given permission to establish will be dedicated in a special way to the memory and teachings of Pope John Paul II. This announcement comes on the same day that Pope Benedict XVI announced that he has begun the process by which John Paul II could be declared a saint.

Fr. Pavone stated, "The Missionaries of the Gospel of Life, as a group of priests dedicated exclusively to the defense of life from attacks like abortion and euthanasia, draws its plan of action from Pope John Paul II's teaching and example -- and in particular from his encyclical, The Gospel of Life. Our efforts move forward as a living memorial of this great Pope, and we dedicate this new initiative to him, the Pope of Life."

Fr. Pavone explained that the Constitutions of the new society will be presented shortly for approval to the Most Reverend John Yanta, Bishop of Amarillo, under whose authority this new society will operate. On June 24-26, a retreat will be held in Amarillo for men discerning the call to join the society. Those interested may email