Priests for Life Issues Strong Appeal to Democrats, Republicans regarding Judges


Priests for Life


As the 109th Congress begins its work, Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, made the following appeal:

"The United States Senate is charged by the Constitution to give advice and consent to the President of the United States when he nominates judges for our nation's federal courts. With the possibility of changes on the Supreme Court in the near future, and given the increasing number of vacancies in the court system, this is more urgent than ever.

"Senate Democrats have made history in their obstruction of this Constitutional process, simply because some of them find the religious and ethical beliefs of some of the President's nominees unacceptable. What matters more, however, is that so many Americans find this Democratic obstructionism unacceptable. We intend to monitor closely the behavior of Senate Democrats in this regard, and will make it an election issue in 2006. We will inform every Catholic priest in America of the details of the obstruction, especially when it involves anti-Catholic bias.

"Moreover, we call upon Senate Republicans to carry forward whatever action is necessary to restore the proper traditions of the Senate so that it may carry out its Constitutional duties free of ideological captivity."