National Priests’ group urges city to protect first amendment rights


Priests for Life



The prominent national anti-abortion group Priests for Life has urged the city of West Palm Beach to avoid proposed buffer zones around its abortion clinics, like the Presidential Women’s Center.

"All civil rights movements have brought their message to the streets to educate the public through our first amendment rights," said Fr. Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life. "I urge the city of West Palm Beach to avoid the unnecessary buffer zones now being considered. The pro-life movement is a peaceful movement. Others who are not peaceful will not be deterred by buffer zones. If you're willing to inflict violence, you're certainly willing to transgress a buffer zone."

Meanwhile, Fr. Pavone indicated that protestors from around the country would come to West Palm Beach if buffer zones were set up, in order to counter the chilling effect it would have on First Amendment freedoms. City Commission President Kimberly Mitchell said, "I think creating this additional ordinance is going to pull the city into a national fight that we don't need to be in."

Said Fr. Pavone, "Consider that national fight already underway."

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