Contraception Is Not The Answer


Joseph M. Scheidler


The pro-life movement has been fighting the abortion war with one hand tied behind its collective back. It has sidestepped and danced around the issue of contraception while trying to restore respect for the unborn child.

But the abortion problem is a whole lot deeper than what goes on inside the abortion mill. When we confront young women and men at the clinic doors it couldn’t be clearer that these young people are enmeshed in a culture that treats sex as a recreational sport and children as a disposable commodity.

What is the answer? It’s certainly not the “common ground” that our opponents throw at us--contraception! To the contrary, contraception and its anti-child mentality is at the root of the entire abortion culture. And until pro-lifers summon the courage to address contraception head on they are doomed to failure in the abortion war.

So the Pro-Life Action League is biting the bullet, and will host a seminar on contraception and abortion September 22 and 23, 2006 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont, IL, near O’Hare International Airport. The conference features eight dynamic speakers on every aspect of the contraception issue.

Dr. Janet Smith, an internationally known speaker on contraception, will speak about the effect of the hormonal changes in the contraceptive pill on relationships between men and women. In “Hormones are Us” Dr. Smith will show how the natural attraction a particular man may feel for a particular woman can change radically—even disappear completely—when she is on the birth control pill.

Fr. Tom Euteneuer, president of Human Life International, will speak from his international perspective about how birth control interferes with the natural family structure, whether in the developed world or in the third world and how the emphasis on population control turns a child into the enemy.

Damon Clarke Owens, founder of Joy-Filled Marriage and national spokesman for the African-American pro-life organization, L.E.A.R.N., will address the impact of contraception on marriage and the family. He will show how rejecting the element of fertility in a marriage is destructive to the whole relationship.

Jennifer Roback Morse, author of Smart Sex: Finding Life-Long Love in a Hook-Up World, will expand on the thesis of her book, focusing on the devastating effect that contraception has had on all women, whether they practice birth control or not.

Allan Carlson, president of the Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society, has written several books on the family and American identity. He will speak about the change in American values brought about by the contraceptive mentality.

Andrew Pollard, director of EMP Intelligence Service in England, which focuses on the impact of population trends, will present compelling evidence of the demographic and economic impact of contraception on society.

Leslee Unruh, founder and president of the Abstinence Clearinghouse, will present the considerable challenge of trying to teach the value of abstinence in a sex-saturated culture. Ms. Unruh has also been at the forefront of the grassroots effort to outlaw abortion in South Dakota. Her work in the arena of abstinence has convinced her that contraception is at the heart of the abortion struggle.

Pro-life leaders and professionals in the fields of medicine, counseling and anthropology cooperated in planning for this conference. In closed-door round table discussions over the past year they debated all the pros and cons of addressing the contraception issue.

The consensus was that the time is past due for the pro-life movement to confront the whole contraception issue straight on. On September 22 and 23, experts will expose the truth about contraception. It has not brought freedom and opportunity to women. It has not resulted in a better life for “chosen” children. It certainly has not reduced the number of abortions. Instead it has changed the basic relationship between men and women, both of whom have paid the price. But children have probably suffered the most from a society that is trying desperately to prevent their very existence.

“Contraception Is Not the Answer,” will arm the pro-life movement with the statistics, arguments and evidence to confront Planned Parenthood, the United Nations, the politicians and educators, and the media. And it will aid pastors, parents and teachers in communicating to our poor, betrayed society, the beautiful gifts of life and fertility.

For more information see the Pro-Life Action League Website.