Priests for Life Agrees with NOW

Fr. Frank Pavone says there is a National Emergency on Abortion


Priests for Life


(Staten Island, NY)- Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, the Catholic organization which assists clergy of all denominations to address the abortion issue, today issued a statement agreeing with Patricia Ireland, President of the National Organization for Women (NOW). NOW has formally declared that a national "state of emergency" exists in this country with regard to abortion. On Sunday, April 22, the NOW organization is kicking off a campaign in Washington D.C. to alert the pro-abortion activists about this emergency.

"Priests for Life completely agrees with Patricia Ireland and NOW that this nation is in a State of Emergency" with regard to the abortion issue, Fr. Pavone said. "We disagree, however, regarding the reasons why that is true. The President of NOW has pointed to Priests for Life as a danger to abortion rights, and has asserted that we teach violent methods. In fact, we reject all violence. Yet it is not threats of violence that endanger the abortion agenda, but rather the persuasive power of the truth. The pro-life movement has been making incredible strides by peacefully communicating our message to the general public. The majority of people in this country are dramatically and rapidly moving in the pro-life direction. This represents a real danger for the abortion industry.

"Furthermore, the pro-life movement is becoming more bold and sophisticated in its use of paid media to communicate its message to vast numbers of people. The Priests for Life media campaign last year had a significant impact in electing pro-life candidates. We are planning future similar efforts.

"Another reason we agree that a state of emergency exists is that women are being harmed by abortion malpractice. The fact that more of them are demanding their rights in court presents a real danger to the abortion industry, which is plagued with unscrupulous abortionists. We have evidence that women are being deceived, maimed, and killed in so-called safe and legal abortion clinics. Where is the outrage of the National Organization for Women over this assault on women's rights and health?

"Legal abortion will not last much longer in this country, and we at Priests for Life will spare no effort and take no rest until -- with the nonviolent power of truth -- that goal is realized," Fr. Frank Pavone concluded.

For more information, or to interview Father Frank Pavone, please contact the Priests for Life media office at 540-785-4733.