Welcome to Pope Benedict XVI

Priests for Life welcomes Pope Benedict to the United States of America.


Priests for Life


Priests for Life welcomes Pope Benedict to the United States of America.

For nearly two decades, Priests for Life has echoed the teachings of the Church on abortion and euthanasia, and has called America to adhere to those teachings, particularly in its political life.

With the visit of the Holy Father, we welcome an opportunity for that message to be echoed yet again.

The visit of a Pope has a twofold dimension. It is, in the first place, a pastor strengthening his congregation. Jesus said to Peter, “Strengthen your brethren,” and the Successor of Peter continues to carry out that command, confirming believers in their commitment of faith.

At the same time, the visit is a public witness to the wider society, a call to listen to the Gospel and to embrace the truth of God’s love and God’s law.

In both of these dimensions, we at Priests for Life call on the American people to pay particular attention to what the Pope will say about human rights, starting with the most fundamental right, and the condition of all the others, the right to life.

As the Holy Father’s visit begins, we have launched a new prophetic campaign called, “Is This What You Mean?” It challenges politicians and our whole society to come to grips with the violence of abortion. It calls upon those who support it to admit what it is, using the words of the abortionists themselves. The details of the campaign are found by clicking here.

May the visit of Pope Benedict to America be a personal encouragement to him, a moment of renewal for all believers, and an invitation to all people to embrace the gift of life and faith with vigor!

Priests for Life is the largest Catholic organization working exclusively to end abortion and euthanasia. It is international in scope and encompasses both clergy and laity. Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, worked at the Vatican as an Official of the Pontifical Council for the Family in the late 1990’s.