Clinic 'buffer' keeps truth away


Paul F. Timmerman

  The Sun-Sentinel

Greenacres, FL - The fire at Presidential Women's Center (abortion center) was reported "suspicious."

The only reason for a 30-foot buffer zone is to make it more difficult to provide women the truth of abortion. When women receive the truth, they seek alternatives. This costs the abortionists money. Not only their fees for the abortion, but also aborted baby parts, which generates over $2,000.

Most of Palm Beach County's commissioners support this so-called "safe-legal abortion." Are you aware of the numerous deaths from this "safe-legal abortion"? How about the medical, physical and emotional side effects caused by abortion? Planned Parenthood on Lake Worth Road in Greenacres will deny this. I called and asked.

Every state that has passed a parental notification law and/or a woman's information act has had these laws challenged by Planned Parenthood and/or the American Civil Liberties Union. Why do they want to hide the truth?

Women in the last 15 years or longer are assisting women through groups. I suggest you call one. They are Rachel's Vineyard, Women Silent No Longer, I Regret My Abortion and Karen Black's Women 4 Women.

Attend a Saturday prayer vigil and watch the escorts drag women away from the truth. While you are there, pick up the information for your own education.

It is a very strange time for the buffer zone issue to resurface. The money it will cost to defend this ordinance should be used to fix and open all the streets in the downtown area. What a mess they made downtown.