Priests for Life Issues Renewed Call for Voter Registration


Priests for Life


For Immediate Release

Contact: Jerry Horn, 540-220-009

Priests for Life National Director Fr. Frank Pavone today made a renewed and urgent call to Churches to conduct voter registration drives between now and Election Day. "This year's election promises to have unprecedented turnout," Fr. Pavone explained. "Rock concerts are registering new voters, night clubs are registering new voters -- what about Churches?" he asked.

Fr. Pavone also serves as President of the National Pro-life Religious Council (NPRC), a coalition of different denominations working to end abortion. Since early 2003, Priests for Life, in union with the NPRC and other groups, have called on Churches to register voters. "It's legal, it's simple, and it flows directly from our gospel duty to build a society of justice and life."

"We are not calling for a 'Priests for Life' voter registration drive or for an 'NPRC' voter registration drive," Fr. Pavone noted. "There is no such thing. We are calling instead for a voter registration drive of United States citizens, facilitated by Churches and other groups in the way they see fit. Let nobody use a particular group as an excuse to fail in their duty to help register voters. Moreover, everyone should keep in mind that there are laws against discouraging people to register. We will be alert to violations."

Deadlines for voter registration in each state can be found at