Partial-birth Abortion Ban Passed


Priests for Life



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Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, expressed gratitude for the passage today in the US Senate of the ban on partial-birth abortion, clearing the way for this bill to reach the desk of President Bush.

Along with praising legislators, Fr. Pavone thanked the pastors of every denomination who have had the courage to preach to their people about partial-birth abortion over recent years, and who have mobilized their congregations to lobby their elected officials about it.

"Priests for Life began bringing the partial-birth abortion procedure to the public's attention in 1993, after having come into possession of Dr. Martin Haskell's September, 1992 medical paper about the procedure. It was primarily through the pulpits of America that we were able to tell so many people for the first time about this procedure."

"Since Roe vs. Wade, public opinion on abortion hasn't changed much, except when this procedure came to light in the mid-nineties. At that time, there was an observable decrease in the percentages of those who claim that abortion should be allowed in all cases. Most decent Americans just couldn't get their minds around this particular procedure. Nor should they," Fr. Pavone said.