Breaking Pro-life News: Abortion Mills Matched to Catholic Parishes


Priests for Life


For Immediate Release

Contact: Jerry Horn, 540-785-4733

In a historic step for the Catholic pro-life movement in America, Priests for Life announced today that the nation's 19,000+ Catholic parishes have been matched with the 700+ remaining freestanding abortion mills, so that each parish can focus on praying and working for the conversion and closing of that particular killing center.

"This focuses the spiritual energy of the Church on the deadly energy of the abortion mills, and brings our strengths against their weaknesses," explained Fr. Frank Pavone, Director of Priests for Life and architect of this project. "The pro-abortion movement is strong in funding, media, and politics. Its weak links, however, are the abortion mills themselves. Over half of these places have closed in the past decade, and the rest have a hard time recruiting doctors."

Parishes are asked to say a special prayer that has been composed for the closing of the abortion mills. Many other suggested activities can be carried out, such as prayer vigils, sidewalk counseling, and having the parish reach out in compassionate care to offer alternatives to abortion. "Each parish should shape its own response to this opportunity," Fr. Frank explained. "This is an effort everyone can take part in, from the homebound and the child in the classroom offering prayers, to the local businesses refusing to service the killing center. This project will activate and inspire clergy and their parishioners, especially when they celebrate the closing of the mill near them."

More information, including the specific mill each parish is asked to pray for, can be found at