Face the Truth public witness comes to New York City -- and will stay there.


Priests for Life


For information: facethetruth@priestsforlife.org

Priests for Life sponsored the first New York City-based "Face the Truth" tour on November 14, 2002. Joseph Scheidler, Founder and Director of the Pro-life Action League in Chicago, came to New York for the historic event, as did leaders from other parts of the country. Participants held signs showing the public what abortion looks like, and handed out fliers explaining what they were doing.

The Face the Truth tour was held in Staten Island in the morning and in Brooklyn at midday. This was the prelude to much longer tours that would take place in New York City in April. Fr. Frank Pavone, organizer of the event, said that from now on, seeing images of aborted children will be "a regular part of life in New York City, until the killing stops."

From April 1-10, 2003, Face the Truth was conducted at 28 different locations within the five boroughs of New York City. Activists from as far away as California and the state of Washington joined the Priests for Life staff for this daily public witness. A bus was hired for easy transportation to the various locations, and two days were spent in each borough. 

Lives were saved, as at least seven women came up to participants at various stops to say that they were scheduled to have abortions, but changed their minds when they saw the images. (We ask those who are against the use of images to tell us what we should say to those moms, and to their children.)

Minds were changed, as people young and old thanked us for revealing the truth of what abortion is. Pro-life activists were encouraged everywhere we went.

Some people were angry that children would see the signs. The angriest ones, however, never had their children with them, and any children who did see the signs had very normal reactions. "Mommy, what did they do to that baby?" The "problem," of course, is not that children saw the signs, but that they saw through the empty rhetoric by which their pro-abortion parents mask this violence.