Radical Church - State Conflict Unfolding, Says Nationally Known Priest


Priests for Life



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Dateline New York--Unless the mid-term elections bring to office more public officials who are willing to defend unborn children and their mothers from abortionists, protect the integrity of the conscience of Catholic institutions, especially in health care, and preserve the role of religion in public life, there will be major Church-State conflicts unfolding in this decade, said Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life.

"The Catholic Church, and many other Christian Churches and communities, hold definitive and unchanging positions on key moral problems with which public officials also must wrestle," said Fr. Frank. "It is the duty of the State to defend basic human rights, such as life and freedom of religion. It is not the duty of the Church to compromise its beliefs for the sake of left-wing zealots in government."

Priests for Life mobilizes and networks Catholic priests to strengthen them in their mission. The organization is currently gathering the signatures of priests on a statement that urges all citizens to vote, and to understand that a candidate's position on abortion is the central moral issue to consider when deciding whom to vote for.