Wish I had seen ultrasound


Lisa Commerford


I had three abortions when I was between the ages of 21 and 25. I am now 39, and I can now tell you this: I regret my abortions. Women considering abortion and the general public need to understand that abortion is not something that you mull over and then, once it is done, you forget about it and get on with your life.

Abortion may give the woman an immediate feeling of relief followed by years of flashbacks, depression, anger and deep regret on the killing of her unborn baby. That has been my experience.

I wish to God that I had been offered an ultrasound and a waiting period. I wish to God that someone had encouraged me to give life, to embrace life, rather than run and hide from it. I wish to God that someone had reminded me how powerful it is to be a giver of life rather than a taker of life.

Thank God these women at least have this law on their side now.
Adoption and foster care may need reform, but this is no excuse to kill the unborn.

Lisa Commerford, Anderson, South Carolina