Some Thoughts on the Conscience Clause by a Post-Abortive Woman


Theresa Bonopartis


With Kathleen Sebelius as Secretary of Health and Human Services, there is no doubt that the Administration's plan to rescind the conscience clause for health care workers in relation to providing abortions and other acts they find objectionable, will proceed.

I have read, over and over, how "women's health advocates" condemned the conscience regulation saying it interferes with women's health services,but once more, as with all abortion initiatives, they only show concern for women who agree with their pro abortion agenda.

I wish that these "women's health advocates" would show as much concern and outrage when incidents like the one reported in Miami are reported. An abortion clinic owner is accused of delivering a live baby during a botched-procedure and then throwing the infant away. No outrage here.

Also I did not hear any outrage when it was found that Planned Parenthood covered up incest, or when women have died from "safe, legal abortion". Where is their concern for women's health when unlicensed people perform abortions, or when women are left sterile from abortion? The silence is deafening.

As a post abortive woman who was coerced into abortion (and countless are,but there is no outrage on that either), I refuse to allow anyone who performs abortions to touch me medically. Where are my rights and choices for health care? Mandating the performance of abortions interferes with my health services. Do I not deserve to go to a health care provider who does not perform abortions? To force me to have to go to someone who performs them would be extremely disturbing for me, and I know I am not alone in my feelings. How dare you, President Obama, take all of our freedoms away to promote your abortion agenda! None of your actions to date have shown in the least your so-called desire to work together.

It is amazing and very sad that we have come to the point in our country where we are mandating that doctors, against their beliefs, must kill the unborn in the womb. We have heard "freedom of choice" thrown at us for decades, but it is obvious that there is only one choice you are allowed to make, the choice demanded by the extreme pro abortion advocates, the one this Administration now forces upon us.

Copyright by Theresa Bonopartis
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