America’s Throw Away Babies: The Tonuya Rainey Case


Deacon Keith Fournier



CHESAPEAKE, VA (Catholic Online) - The news over the past weekend covered the horrible incident which occurred in Miramar, Florida. Tonuya Rainey, now free on bail, was initially jailed by a Broward County Court Judge for giving her 16 year old daughter poison (that is what “RU - 486” is) in order to intentionally kill the 24 week baby boy in her womb. However, the story gets even worse.

The 16 year old mother testified at a bond hearing that the child was born alive. So, this mother and grandmother finished the act of killing her grandson by placing the baby boy in a garbage bag and throwing him away in the trash. She was charged with "illegally terminating a pregnancy, child abuse and improper disposal of human remains." The Broward County Court Judge increased her bail when he heard the testimony of the child’s mother that the little boy was "breathing and moving his arms after birth". He called it a crime that was "tantamount to murder." 'Tantamount' your Honor? It was murder, plain and simple.

The court file reveals that the grandmother of the little boy, upon hearing that her daughter was 24 weeks “with child” as we so often say when the baby is wanted, gave her daughter the combination of drugs sold as “RU 486”. RU 486 is a chemical weapon sold by prescription. That’s right, I will call it what it is, a chemical weapon used in the pre-emptive War on the Womb which is sanctioned by the positive law in the United States of America. On March 6, 2009, after taking the lethal drug combination, this mother awakened at 3 A.M. from cramps and gave birth to a little boy. She testified that she saw him breathing and moving his small arms as she laid him on a bed. The grandmother finished her gruesome act and disposed of the baby boy in the trash.

As I read the horrible account I was reminded of the intentional killing of another child in Suffolk, Virginia in 2006. On May 8, 2006 Tammy Skinner, 22, stood before the Judge in Suffolk, Virginia to account for what had occurred on Feb. 23, 2006. On that day Tammy called police from a car dealership. She told them that she had been shot in the stomach and pushed out of her car. Police found blood in Skinner’s red compact car, and a gun. Tammy was carrying a baby within her; a little girl who was to be delivered that very day. Later, Tammy changed her story, claiming that the father of Baby Girl Skinner had killed her. Finally, she told the authorities the truth - she had shot herself in the abdomen with the intention of killing Baby Girl Skinner. Tammy has two other daughters and she just did not want this one. So she killed her.

Tammy Skinner was charged with inducing an abortion. However, since she actually fired the gun herself, General District Court Judge James A. Moore decided that she could not be charged with inducing a miscarriage or abortion. Abortion is legal in America. Her lawyer, known for his “civil rights” work- and for his representation of the People for the Ethical treatment of Animals (PETA)- argued at a preliminary hearing that the charge of inducing an abortion or miscarriage is intended for use against a third party. He contended that the Statute did not apply to a mother who shoots herself to commit an abortion. In America, Baby Girl Skinner had no civil rights. Mother Tammy had them all. She also had a “right” to kill.

The charge of inducing an abortion was dismissed. Tammy Skinner had also been charged with using a firearm in a felony. That charge was not prosecuted. Under Virginia law, it had to have occurred during the commission of a specific felony and killing Baby Girl Skinner was not viewed as a felony but an extension of the mother’s “right” to take the life of her own child as long as the baby was still in the womb. She was convicted of filing a false police report and ordered to pay the cost of the police investigation, $750. If someone else had shot Tammy Skinner and her daughter on the day she was to have delivered Baby Girl Skinner, they could have been prosecuted. However, Virginia’s fetal homicide law refers to killing “the fetus of another.” Tammy Skinner’s attorney who defends the “civil rights” of animals and fish did not concern himself with the preeminent Natural law rights of Baby Girl Skinner. He told reporters he was happy with the decision stating: “It was clear to me, and clear to the judge, that you cannot convict when an expectant mother does this,”

Abortion is protected by the positive law in the United States. It is called a “right” even though it is a violation of the Natural Law and a clear usurping of the true Right, the Right to Life. Abortion is becoming a “super-right” in a Nation which has lost its soul. However, every induced abortion is against the Natural Law which can be known by all and is morally binding on all. Every intentional abortion is what Archbishop Chaput aptly called a “little murder”. Cases such as these reveal the fangs on the evil face of legal abortion on demand. These little boys and girls are our first neighbors and we should not kill our neighbors. However, these girls and boys are now America’s Throw Away Babies. We know what really happens in every procured abortion and are without excuse. The shrill rhetoric of “choice” cannot hide the evil. Medical science gives us clear graphic evidence that the child in the womb being killed is our neighbor. The 4D images of the baby boy or baby girl which new parents, and grandparents usually cherish show the victims. Intrauterine surgery is now routinely performed to assist the children we want to welcome into our community.

Yet, the little girls and little boys whom mothers, fathers, grandparents and others do not want, those I call America’s Throw Away children, are savagely killed every day by surgical strikes which dismember them and chemical weapons which burn them to death. They are then placed in trash bags and thrown away as medical waste. I will follow the unfolding legal proceedings in Broward County Florida. Sadly, the same evil defense used to protect the mother of baby girl Skinner will probably be used to defend the grandmother against criminal liability for her evil acts. Our revulsion over the evil acts which led to the killing of both Baby Girl Skinner and Baby Boy Rainey is the voice of conscience. It is Time for Honesty about Abortion. It is time to protect our littlest neighbors and recognize the true and fundamental human right which is the foundation of all other legitimate rights, the Right to Life.