Signs of Evil: Northern Illinois Women’s Center. House of Horrors. Hatred of Christians


Deacon Keith Fournier


ROCKFORD, Il (Catholic Online) – We recently received a letter from a Pro-Life hero who, along with many, many others, stands outside of the so called “Northern Illinois Women’s Center” daily. This is an awful place where the lives of innocent children are routinely taken by procured abortion.

Our writer braves the elements in order to proclaim the truth about what occurs inside that House of Horrors, as have scores of other pro-life champions for twenty five years. They pray and plead with the women who are being deceived into this evil act to change their minds and save their child. They also offer help and assistance for the mother and the child.

He made us aware of a video entitled “Signs of Evil” produced by “A Rockford Pro-Life Initiative”. This video calls attention to the insidious and deadly work of this abortion mill, the fatal dismembering or death by chemical weapons perpetrated against innocent children. However, it also reveals the increasing use of blasphemy, hate speech and vitriol directed specifically toward Christians and to the Lord Himself by the members of the staff of this facility.

In the wake of the killing of James Pouillon while lawfully exercising his first amendment rights to defend human life and the savage beating of 69-year old Johnny Wallace for doing the same, this video must be seen by all who are concerned over the growing ferociousness of some who advance the Culture of Death and violence.


We warn our readers and viewers that this video uncovers a hatred of God, exposes the commission of blasphemy and displays a horrid mockery of the Christian faith. However, when we consider what truly happens inside the walls of these so called “clinics” it should come as no a surprise. The commentator on this video explains that in this facility alone “50,000 children have been killed in the last decade”.

She notes that by engaging in the act of taking the innocent life of our first neighbors this facility has also now “...turn(ed) medical professionals into people who have a vicious contempt for Jesus Christ and mock the dignity of every human life”.

You will see the intentional placement of a rubber chicken over the Corpus of Jesus Christ which is hung on the Cross. This is publicly displayed in the windows of this facility. This and other displays like it are absolute acts of blasphemy against God. They are also hate speech directed against Christians.

You will see taunting in other signs which are also intentionally placed in the windows by the staff every day. One proudly proclaims “NIWC (Northern Illinois Women’s Center) 50,000, JC (Jesus Christ) 50)”. That sign proudly takes responsibility for the killing of 50,000 children and, incorrectly, ridicules the Pro-Life champions for only saving 50 babies.

You will see what appeared to this writer to be a demonic boast by the perpetrators of the killing inside this abortion facility in the words of a sign displayed in the window which reads “No Job too Big or Too Small.” You will see the intentional placement of symbols of the Catholic Faith in the windows, which are then mocked in a clear act of hate speech against the wonderful defenders of life gathered outside.

At the end of this video the commentator reminds the viewers that “America has two options, the way of the abortion industry or the way of Our Lord and Savior”. She then cautions that we will be judged as a Nation based upon how we treat “…the least of His people”. God help us all!

Catholic Online is an integrated media company dedicated to the New Evangelization and the spread of a Culture of Life and Civilization of Love. We applaud the use of every medium to communicate the hard truth of legalized abortion. We are dedicated to doing all that we can to expose the underlying evils upon which the Culture of death is built and enlisting our readers to oppose it and replace it with a new Culture of Life.

There is no moral difference between the taking of the lives of innocent two week old children, two year old children, or children in the womb. What is happening in the Northern Illinois Women’s Center and in every abortion facility is evil. They are houses of horror. Some are also becoming places which overtly foster the hatred of Christians and Blasphemy against our Lord.