Abortion and the Economy


Al Marchese


It's been talked about, argued about, praised and condemned for 28 years… Yes, it's abortion and … Pro-life people are dealing with pro-death neighbors, who don't see the evil in it from a proper religious and moral point of view.

But a possible way out to get their attention is found in the Holy Bible. It's Luke 16, vs. 8-9. It is the parable of the dishonest steward called on the carpet by this master for squandering his riches. The steward was no slouch. To save his skin, he called his debtors who owed the master much money. To one who owed 100 measures of olive oil, he said, "Here is your promissory note. Sit down and write one for fifty." To another who owed the master 100 kors of wheat, he said, "Write eighty!" The moral of the story was essentially that the steward (despite the usurious practices of the time) was smart enough not to have taken graft, and gave his boss the true value of his money back through the debtors. The parable concludes with the sentence: "For the children of this world are more "prudent" in dealing with their own generation, than are the children of the light." That last sentence is what this article is based on: a new prudent approach to appeal to the pro-abortion citizens of our land.

January 22, 1973 was a day that cast a fatal stain on the U.S. Supreme Court. They rendered the "famous or infamous" decision legalizing abortion. It was called "The Roe vs. Wade decision", and still leads the Nation divided by the people who characterize themselves as "Pro-Life, or Pro-Choice." Unfortunately (although denied by many of the persuasion), Pro-Choice often means the death of the developing child in the womb. Be that as it may, a legitimate question could be in order in today's time as we enter the 21st century. That question is: "What has abortion done to the economy?", in particular "the Economy of your personal wallet," using Luke 16's wisdom.

Estimates from all governmental agencies and private organizations both opposing and performing abortions generally agree: there have been approximately 45,000,000 abortions performed since January 22nd 1973! The thing you never hear about from either side is the inescapable fact that untold millions of these aborted children would now range in ages that would be capable of part and full time work, according to the law! Those ages, 16 to 28, would be in the U.S. workforce, from the youngster taking your order or orders at a Macdonald's, to a young bright professional building a business, to tradesmen erecting an edifice. They would be on their way to becoming needed doctors in the medical field, teachers, policemen, nurses, drivers, entertainers, inventors and the list could go on forever. How many potential "Bill Gates" have been aborted? Has abortion killed the person who might have found years ago the cure for "AIDS??" or Cancer??? True we might have aborted another Al Capone or Charles Manson, but in life the good and the bad are, have been and will always be present together, till the end of time! The preponderance of the "good" would outweigh the "bad" and in addition to the benefits to our Country by these bright new citizens. They would be paying taxes, contributing to the Social Security Fund, while "increasing the ratio of needed workers to keep the fund solvent" (a most important fact)….

On January 22, 2001 the courageous Pro-Life people will commence their annual "March for life" in Washington D.C. I suggest, to really get the media's attention, they carry signs that say for instance: "Arrest abortion!! It's killed 45 million taxpayers!!!" How about "Save Social Security!! Stop aborting future F.I.C.A. contributors!!" If some signs like that were shoved into the politician's faces via the media, then only the ones who really don't care about the "Killing Field in America" or like the abortion clinics with a vested interest, would be the opposing but muted voices, as the sign James Carville (Democratic campaign manager for Clinton) put on the President's desk to keep the election on track, took predominance….."It's the ECONOMY STUPID!!"……The steward in Luke 16 might just agree.

Submitted for publication by:

Al Marchese

Member of St. Mary Star of the Sea Parish

Ocean City, MD