Student Union Becomes Abortion Battle


Jennifer Miller


Silent No More Awareness group visited UNC Charlotte’s campus Wednesday Oct. 14. The group stood inside the main doors of the Student Union handing out information on what they believe to be the emotional, physical and spiritual side effects of abortions.

When students walked in the doors, the campaigners of the program met them with literature and personal experience. When students at UNC Charlotte hear there will be a rally on campus, they expect to be bombarded with picketers and mega phones blaring judgments at them, but that was not what the Silent No More group brought to Charlotte.

“Instead of them yelling out pro-life quotes and slurs about those who are pro-choice, they were personal,” said Jesse Stephens, a senior at UNC Charlotte.

Though the group proclaims itself “pro-life” their mission is to give a voice to those silenced by abortion.

According to the Silent No More awareness broacher, the program is designed to bring awareness to the public about the “devastation” that abortion has on both women and men. The program also reaches out to those who have gone through an abortion and offers them a voice to share the experience with others, a voice that they be;ieve is usually silenced.

Andrea Hines is not only one of the Silent No More Awareness campaigners, but she is also one of two women at the rally that are “post abortive,” meaning that she has had an abortion.
“I wish someone would have told me I had a choice at your age,” said Hines as she remembers the choice that she made over 30-years-ago to have an abortion. Since then she testifies to emotional and spiritual problems that followed her choice.

“He would have been 32-years-old this year, Jordan Stephen I mean,” continued Hines about the son that she named even after her abortion. Her son is just one of reasons that Hines chose to no longer “think silently” about abortion. Hines believes her voice is not only speaking out for prevention of abortion but believes it is a support line for those who made the same choice she did.

Hines along with her friend and fellow pro-life advocate, Kathearn Hearn, who had an abortion just one year after Hines when she was a senior at NC State, agree that the main focus of the program is making women and men aware that they can help out those who are going or gone through an abortion.

“It will affect all aspects of life and we are one of the places you can go to get help,” said Hearn.