Editorial: Say No to Deadly Loaded Language. There are No 'Abortion Rights'


Deacon Keith Fournier


WASHINGTON, DC (Catholic Online) – One of my morning reads each day is the popular "inside the beltway" political publication entitled "Politico." There is little doubt that it has at least an implicit partisan political slant but it is usually the first source for breaking political news. However, Wednesday morning one of its feature articles revealed how corrupted so much reporting has become.

Most of the media is now using deadly loaded language. In doing so it is also promoting universal deceit, that there is some "right" to kill children in the womb. We have accepted this universal deceit and deadly loaded language at our own peril. It is an example of Orwellian "New Speak" which obscures the insidious nature of an evil which is rotting our culture from the inside out.

In his 1946 essay entitled "Politics and the English Language" George Orwell wrote that "One ought to recognize that the present political chaos is connected with the decay of language, and that one can probably bring about some improvement by starting at the verbal end."

In an article entitled "Abortion is bill's remaining hurdle",  written on March 10 by Patrick O´Connor, I read the following paragraph which demonstrates my point. The reporter was writing about the continuing Health care Reform effort and the disagreement between those who want to pass the Senate Bill which will fund abortions and those who insist that abortion is not health care. O´Connor wrote:

"The problem at this point is that supporters of abortion rights, including many of the speaker´s (Nancy Pelosi) closest allies, have voted to oppose any bill that includes Stupak´s (Bart Stupak, a Pro-Life Democrat) restrictions. On the flip side, Stupak has said at least 10 colleagues will oppose a bill that doesn´t include them. If both claims are true, that would make it almost impossible for party leaders in the House to get the 216 votes they need to pass the measure."

The reporter is indicating that those who seek to defend babies trying to avoid pre-emptive lethal strikes against them are threatening these "abortion rights." The claim of a "right" to abort an innocent child is heinous enough when it is described as a woman´s "Right to Choose." However, that is the current state of the US positive law since the horrendous Supreme Court decisions in Roe and Doe.

That "choice" is now protected by the Police Power of the State. Rather than being outlawed like all other intentional killings, abortion has been given a status as some sort of "super right."  However, what this article demonstrates is that most of the media is using deadly loaded language to hide the evil.

The current approach to abortion on demand is no different than if the U.S. Supreme Court had somehow found a "right" to kill three week old babies after their birth in that "penumbra" pit they pulled this alleged "abortion right" from in the Roe and Doe opinions. There is no moral difference between killing a baby in the womb and killing a baby outside of the womb.

Imagine if the proponents of slavery called it a "slavery right" just because the Supreme Court said it was legal. Well they in effect did just that in the now dreaded Dred Scott decision! We look back on that case in horror, as we should. The Supreme Court cannot make a wrong a right with the stroke of a judicial quill or a keyboard!

Abortion is feticide. Its horror is being concealed by deadly loaded language intended to make it sound acceptable. Its advocates have fashioned a "rights language" to even try to make it sound noble. They have repeated the phrase "abortion rights", "abortion rights", "abortion rights"…. ad nauseam. Their collaborators in much of the media use this deadly loaded language without even thinking about what they are actually saying, or writing. 

The notion that one method of intentionally killing an entire class of human persons should be called a "right" is despicable. Abortion is a lethal action which always takes an innocent human life. However, the phrase "abortion rights" is an example of the "decay of language" of which Orwell wrote. Actions do not have "rights". Only human persons can have "rights." The shorthand phrase "abortion rights" is a linguistic tool used by journalists who are themselves tools of the proponents of the abortion deception.

There is no "abortion right."  The true Right is the one being denied in every procured abortion, the Right to Life. That preeminent Right to Life is revealed in the Natural Moral Law and confirmed by Medical Science. Children in the womb are our first neighbors. It is always wrong to kill our neighbors. We all know it. We simply pretend otherwise and use deadly loaded language to cover over the evil act.

Let´s look at some hard cold truth. We surgically operate on our first neighbors in the womb. We then put them back in their home and allow them to continue to grow so they can be healthier upon their birth. We know they are members of our human family. Our 4D sonogram technology has made it possible to take baby´s first picture and send it as a birth announcement or place it on a Face Book or My Space page or send it through our Social Networks.

We rightly marvel at the image of those little babies at the early stages of what is a lifetime of development for every human being. However, we then use that same technology to direct the weapons of warfare which will dismember them in the womb and kill them. We do not want to see those pictures.

When one of these little ones dies due to a "miscarriage" we all empathize and say that the grieving woman "lost her baby." However when one of those little ones dies due to surgical dismemberment, the effects of ingested chemical weapons, burning by saline or death by suction we call that loss of the baby the exercise of a "right"? 

We all know the truth. Every intentional killing of a defenseless innocent human person is wrong! There is a moral basis to our positive law. We are trying to forget that at our great National peril. George Orwell´s words were prophetic, "…the present political chaos is connected with the decay of language, and … one can probably bring about some improvement by starting at the verbal end."

The following quote is also attributed to George Orwell, "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." It is time to tell the truth.  Let´s try to bring some improvement to our discourse by starting at the verbal end. The phrase "Abortion Rights" must be rejected as deadly loaded language. There are no "Abortion Rights" Only Human Rights, and the Right to Life is the first of those rights.