An New Pro-Life Generation


Bishop Kevin Farrell


Posted on the Bishop's Blog

Hundreds of thousands marching up Constitution Avenue to the Supreme Court to protest the Roe vs. Wade decision was impressive by any standard. However, to me the most impressive element was that many marchers were not just gray haired veterans, but young people under 30.

Before the march the young people, more than 22,000 of them, overflowed a rally at Verizon Center sponsored by the Archdiocese of Washington. I am proud of the large number of Dallas young people who took part.

Chanting “we are the pro-life generation” and carrying signs proclaiming “Smile, your parents chose life” the youth sent a powerful message that the fight for life is stronger than ever.

One of the few counter demonstrators was quoted in the Washington Post as being struck by the large number of young people among the marchers, adding “it suggests that the battle over abortion will endure for a long time to come.”

He’s right!