Oklahoma Legislators Override Anti-Life Veto of Governor. Importance of Coming U.S. Elections


Deacon Keith Fournier

OKLAHOMA CITY (Catholic Online) - On April 27, 2010, those men and women of conscience in the Oklahoma Senate did what every elected representative with a conscience should always do. They stood for Justice. They overrode the Unjust Veto of a Governor who failed to recognize the fundamental Human Right to Life.

In so doing, they also revealed the latest chapter in the real civil and human rights struggle of our age, the effort to protect our youngest neighbors in the womb from being killed by procured abortion. Procured abortion is always the wrongful killing of the innocent. This is not only a religious position; it is a human and a human rights position. Even if the current positive law still provides a modicum of legal protection for the killing, truth, science and a true understanding of justice is on the ascent.

These elected representatives also gave us a window through which we can view the importance of the upcoming National election.

Governor Brad Henry rejected the expressed will of the people of Oklahoma. He took his stand alongside all those in public office who have sided with the barbarians who continue to promote the lie that it is OK to kill the innocent. They are on the wrong side of history. He upheld the use of Police Power of the State to promote a fundamentally unjust act, killing the innocent. Medical Science has confirmed what our consciences and the Natural Law have long revealed, the child in the womb is our neighbor. It is always and everywhere wrong to kill our neighbors.

Intrauterine surgery and 4D sonogram technology reveals the truth about the humanity of our smallest neighbors. There are few voices left who are trying to argue that those little girls and boys are anything less than human persons. No, they try to justify the brutality of procured abortion based upon such contrived notions and legal fictions such as using a "right to privacy" and a "right to choice" to hide savagery. What other group of persons is allowed to be killed by another group of persons with more power - and then have that savage act protected by the positive law?

At issue in Oklahoma were two pieces of very just and appropriate legislation. One requires any woman in Oklahoma who is considering an abortion to first undergo an ultrasound and be given the medical facts concerning the child who is living and growing within her womb.  A fully informed consent is always required before major surgery, right? I guess not when the issue is abortion.

The other prohibits women from suing their physician after birth if he or she failed to give information which would have disclosed that the child had a disability. The obvious and commendable intent of this legislation is to prevent discrimination against children with disabilities. Everyone believes in that, right? I guess not when it comes to abortion.  

The majority of the elected legislators of Oklahoma passed the legislation, reflecting the will of the people who sent them to office. The Governor vetoed it. So the elected legislators overrode the veto. That means, in effect, the Bill now becomes law.

The Governor tried to justify his errant action by calling the legislation an unlawful intrusion into the privacy of the mother. Of course, the fundamental Right to Life of the children in the womb whose lives will be saved as a result of such reasonable legislation was of no concern to him. He also claimed that the legislation would be challenged in the Courts and that such a legal proceeding would waste taxpayer's money. You know how that argument goes. We live in an age where human persons have become commodities to be traded as property.

However, the word out of Oklahoma is good news. The trend is clear and the proponents of death on demand recognize the writing is on the wall. Oklahoma is not alone.

Nebraska recently passed legislation recognizing fetal pain as a consideration in late term abortions. Kansas legislators passed legislation requiring fuller disclosure to the mother concerning the truth about the child in her womb as well as what occurs during abortion. Another misguided Governor vetoed that measure on April 15. However, an effort is underway to override his veto.

Over twenty States have similar legislation pending which will increase the necessity of giving full and complete disclosure to the mother, require waiting periods or mandate the use of ultrasound technology. In addition the passage of the Nationalized Health Care Legislation has led to a flood of efforts to protect States from having to participate in "health care exchanges" which would use monies set aside for health care to kill children in the womb. They rightly refuse to call such feticide a health care service.

The actions of the Oklahoma legislators points out the essential importance of the midterm elections in the United States. We need men and women who will not compromise on the fundamental human Right to Life to run for every vacant seat in the House and the Senate. Then we need to elect them to office.

The potentially lethal power of an Executive Veto can be stopped. It can be done by a vote to override from courageous legislators. That is true whether that Executive resides in the Capital of Oklahoma or in Washington, D.C.