Fr. Pavone on the death of Dr. Mildred Jefferson


Priests for Life



Fr. Frank Pavone, speaking on behalf of Priests for Life and the National Pro-life Religious Council, issued the following statement today regarding the death of Dr. Mildred Jefferson:


Dr Mildred Jefferson was a constant inspiration to me both before and after I became National Director of Priests for Life. In recent years, I especially enjoyed talking with her about the history of the movement and the strategies for the future. She always spoke about the movement with a fresh enthusiasm, vision, and readiness to carry out the work. She did not carry her many years of service as a burden, but as a source of strength! May we all drink of that same spirit!


Moreover, her passing should remind us of our duty to reflect on and record the history of our movement, and pass it on to the younger generations of pro-life activists. Those who have brought the pro-life movement to where it is now will not be with us forever, and their wisdom is a treasure which we should explore while we still have the opportunity to do so.



Photo: Fr. Frank Pavone with Dr. Mildred Jefferson at the 2006 National Right to Life Convention