My last conversation with Kortney Gordon


Fletcher Armstrong


I was in Macon, Georgia with Kortney, just before the terrible crash that took her life.  She had organized an awesome conference for pro-life students from all over Georgia.  As we were packing to leave, we were discussing Father Frank’s “incarceration” down in Amarillo.  

I was commenting how important Fr. Frank is to our whole movement.  We are populated by people who have strong opinions, not only about abortion, but also what will stop abortion, how we go about it, and just about everything else.  We butt heads a lot.
Fr. Franks is critical to our movement because he is one of those unifying forces that brings people together.  He always has a word of encouragement.  We Protestants admire him just as much as Catholics do.  He is an advocate for the graphic pictures, but he is well respected by people who oppose them.  No matter what kind of pro-life work you do, you have a common friend in Fr. Frank.  His ability to unite people behind our common objective is critical to our mission.
As I was saying all of this, I thought of one other person like Fr. Frank.  I looked at her and said, “Kortney, I just thought of somebody else who is that kind of unifying force in the pro-life movement.  It’s you!  That’s what you do.  You bring people together.”  She smiled at being compared to Fr. Frank.
Looking forward to our next meeting, I finished packing and headed toward home.  It was only about 2 hours before that terrible crash.
Kortney, we’re going to miss you.