Shocking Expose Reveals Anti-Life Lobby Knows the Truth and Doesn’t Care!


Priests for Life African American Outreach


Day Gardner, president of National Black Pro-Life Union, attended the briefing co-hosted by the Congressional Black Caucus and the Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus.

As reported in a LifeNews article, “Before the briefing Gardner had thought the key to persuading black political leaders to the pro-life position was educating them on the devastation of abortion in their community.”

Much to her surprise they already know the facts and numbers but they just didn’t care.

The article also states, “Again, I was quite surprised at the information organizers so freely distributed. A lot of it was inside baseball intel they should not have wanted to get into the hands of pro-lifers. It only helps us know where we are meeting success and how to buffer their attacks.”

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Briefing agenda

Briefing agend and strategy