“We are Women” DC Rally Countered by “Women Speak for Themselves” and Prolife Prayer Response


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“We are Women” DC Rally Countered by “Women Speak for Themselves” and Prolife Prayer Response

August 20, Atlanta, GA – The pro-abortion community was stunned by the presence of African American prolife prayer supporters and a strong outcry against the “We are Women” pro-abortion rally held in Washington, DC last week. Prolife leaders on the ground were encouraged by the gathering of prayerful prolife supporters who wore t-shirts announcing the injustice of the death of Tonya Reaves; a Black woman who was murdered by Planned Parenthood in Chicago last month.

The prolife prayer effort was supported by several prolife organizations, including the Reconciliation Community Church; (Susan B. Anthony) SBA List, Priests for Life African American Outreach, Women Speak for Themselves, American Life League, thepillkills.com, King for America, National Black Prolife Coalition, Citizens for a Prolife Society, Network of Politically Active Christians, Life Education and Resource Network, Silent No More Awareness Campaign, Peggy Elliott Ministries – Let Our Babies Live America, National Black Prolife Union, Students for Life, Frederick Douglass Foundation, and Christian Defense Coalition.

In contrast to the  National March for Life which is held every January to lament the passage of Roe vs Wade and the court decision that made the killing of over 50 million preborn babies legal; the “We are Women” effort drew around 600 participants, where the March for Life draws hundreds of thousands of marchers every year. Nellie Gray, the founder of the March for Life died recently, and the prayer effort was inspired in part by the desire to commemorate Attorney Gray and Dr. Mildred Jefferson, another prolife hero.

As a group of peaceful prayer supporters wearing prolife t-shirts circulated among the pro-abortion camp, one Planned Parenthood supporter shouted out in protest, calling one of the African American men praying for life a “ni—g-r.” The prayer team was undaunted and continued to speak the truth and pray in love.

Some members of the prayer team were able to speak to Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, who declined photo ops with them. One of the pro-abortion rally speakers was reportedly a Florida representative of Rainbow PUSH, a Rev. McKenzie who attempted to quote Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; suggesting that Dr. King was a supporter of abortion. Rather than hiss and boo, the prolife supporters stood quietly and stoically and stared at the speaker as a silent rebuke.

The prayer supporters were shocked and disturbed by a singing group extolling women as sluts. There was also a moment when pro-abortion supporters tried to get the prayer supporters to leave the area. This joint effort by prolife organizations across the spectrum was held in the spirit of love that is embraced by the prolife community. Photos available at www.priestsforlife.org/frontlines/trip-home.aspx?tripid=927