Priests for Life Technology Team Successfully Thwarts Relentless Attacks


Priests for Life


You may have noticed that the Priests for Life website has been experiencing service interruptions for the past several days.  This is due to individuals trying to disable our website and keep us from spreading the pro-life message and receiving online donations. 

Our technology team, however, using some of the most powerful and sophisticated security measures in the industry, has successfully thwarted these attacks, despite the ongoing efforts of those who are launching them.

"What has been happening in recent weeks is not the result of failed technology or accidental glitches," said  Ruben Obregon of Blugap Technology, and a consultant for Priests for Life. " As we can tell from the type of communication taking place between some other servers and our own, this is a planned, deliberate, sophisticated attack. And those doing it have not stopped.  Our online services are now fully functional, because we have been able to render those attacks ineffective. Moreover, none of our secure data was accessed or taken."

We ask all of you who support our work to help us make up for what was lost during the time that service was interrupted. You can do this by redoubling your efforts to spread our message online, and to send an extra donation our way as well!