Priests for Life Leader Stands with Body of Aborted Baby in Mississippi as State's Last Abortion Mill Comes Near Closing


Priests for Life

JACKSON, MISS. – The following statement was released this morning by Father Frank Pavone, National  Director of Priests for Life:
“Forty years ago today, the most destructive decisions of any government in human history were imposed upon America by the Supreme Court. Roe vs. Wade and Doe vs. Bolton, decisions which both plaintiffs now reject, legalized abortion throughout pregnancy for any reason or no reason at all, unleashing the destruction of more than 53 million babies since then.
"Today I am observing this day in Jackson, Mississippi, because here is found the last remaining abortion mill in the state. Mississippi is likely to soon become the first state without an abortion mill, and many others will follow.
"Here with me in Jackson, for all to see, will be the intact body of an aborted baby, who has been named Daniel. This child, killed by a form of abortion that induces violent contractions, was entrusted to a pro-life activist anonymously by a pathologist.
"I have been asked to honor the body of this child with appropriate prayers and rituals and a public viewing. We honor in daylight a child who was killed in darkness.
"In so doing, I join my fellow pro-life activists in calling on Churches, public officials, and our fellow citizens to repent of their silence in the face of this bloodshed, and to begin today to make the end of abortion our first priority.
"This week, the pro-life movement mobilizes to remember and to renew our determination to end this American holocaust. To that end, we
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