The Robbing of our Happiness


Angelina Steenstra


The robbing of Our Happiness

Why haunt me, you closed our book
Good buys sent tears spent promises meant,
No words more of baby ending up dead
Quacks in dressing gowns yawning
Bright lights shining on their crime,
Punishment to follow in time.

Still I long to rejoice in your love for life,
Not your regrets for all existence spent,
Mine, thine and the boy lent.
Your life came from Happiness sent
 Loves womb, your womb, man’s star light.

I long for you to say you loved me then
And the baby given by a stranger,
Your body the manger for his sleep
Into loves growth before tombs time.

I longed for forgiveness for being man,
Wanting your love to be stronger than sorrow
Its wound you carry this day
into eternity tomorrow.

I longed to hear you say ‘be it done according to your will.’ 
Share these words in one last note for our happiness
On earth heartfelt, no fingers touching on a bus
Leading nowhere into the night for a class reunion site.