Letter to the editor - Kermit Gosnell Trial


Nancy Kreuzer

I would like to know why the media has so thoroughly ignored and failed to report the horrific details of the Kermit Gosnell trial at the PA late-term abortion facility. It's a murder trial, for goodness sake, of  7 babies being born alive, screaming and horrifically killed- beheaded, 
actually. Why, might I ask, would the media show no interest in this tragic human rights story? I just have to ask, because it is a question on so many minds, might the media be reluctant to report a story that could spark  an anti-abortion sentiment by its readers? After the national outcry over the Sandy Hook murders and a declaration by our president that we, as a nation, must do better in protecting our children, where is the national outcry for the 7 children brutally murdered here?  Are we only interested in "wanted" children?  Are we so unwilling to look at this because it is abortion? Are we afraid that if we do look closely at this, we might just be horrified, horrified enough to look closer at the truth of abortion?  And if we do, are we afraid that, despite our political views, we might just have to take a stand against the injustices being committed against all children born alive in 2nd and 3rd term abortions and left  to die?