Why Won't Nancy Pelosi Listen?


Dr. Alveda King


I'm so glad that the Rev. Frank Pavone is writing to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to remind her of the position of the Catholic Church on the sanctity of life.

Pelosi says that she is a responsible and respectful Catholic, so maybe she just hasn’t had time to remember the teachings of the Church. I pray that thousands will sign on and demand some answers to the hard questions Father Pavone is asking her.

My question is this? Why won’t she listen to the cries of the babies and their mothers who keep dying from abortions? In "Recall Abortion," Janet Morana describes the dangers that mothers may not even know they are facing when they undergo an abortion. After an abortion, babies usually end up dead, but sometimes mothers die too.

Why won’t Nancy Pelosi listen?

This week Glenn Beck and I were discussing abortion. Glenn tends to speak from his heart and admit his shortcomings, which is hard to do for most of us.

Glenn said that he doesn’t like to deal with the abortion issue. He says it makes him uncomfortable, but when God told him that if he doesn’t deal with how wrong abortion is, God will get someone else to do it.

I got the strong impression that Glenn is more uncomfortable with letting God down than not talking about abortion. And to be frank, pro-life supporters are on the firing line all the time. We need help!

We need many more people to confront Pelosi and everyone else who wants to avoid the uncomfortable truth that abortion hurts women, kills babies, and sometimes kills mothers.

What about the fathers Rep. Pelosi?

Kevin Burke offers his testimony on how abortion hurts fathers too, how they regret their lost fatherhood.

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